Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?

One challenge facing all companies in the highly competitive and globalized business environment is how to gain and retain customers. This challenge is particularly grave for startups, who have to attract new customers.

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?In fact, according to Entrepreneur, 75% of startups fail due to various reasons, one of which is a failure to provide good customer support.

Here, a startup implies a company or entrepreneurial venture that is typically newly emerging, with the goal of increasing its market share. For such entrepreneurs and small business owners, the process of moving from a business idea conceptualized in the mind to an actual paying customer is a deeply personal one. With all the work you may have already put into launching your business and securing some customers, taking care of those customers in the best possible way is critical.

Ask yourself a question:

Why should I improve customer experience?

We found out next statistics upon this request:
Improving customer experience means improving customer retention by 42%, improving customer satisfaction by 33% and increasing customer cross-selling and up-selling by 32%.

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?

Furthermore, pleasant customer experience is also a critical aspect of word-of-mouth marketing, which will be important for further growing your business.

In this article, we reiterate that attracting and retaining customers goes beyond merely caring for customers as advocated for by conventional customer satisfaction literature. Instead, we urge you to wow customers by doing more than what was promised.

Here are some creative, but effective tips that you could use to wow your customers:

  •   Learn your customers
  •   Deliver as promised- and go beyond
  •   Make follow-ups when least expected
  •   Always express your gratitude
  1.     Learn your customer needs and preferences

You cannot wow your customers if you do not understand their needs and preferences. Go back to that time you were completely impressed by a company. There is a high chance that you did business with the company more than twice. According to an article titled Only The Best Will Do When It Comes to Customer Loyalty, and which was published on the Forbes website, the average customer experience predicts such measures as likelihood to renew or remain or likelihood for the repeat purchase.
In fact, according to the study, improving the experience of your customers from average to wow contributes to almost 50% increase in customer loyalty.

Conduct customer surveys, and use the findings to build a relationship with your customers and connect with them in ways that matter to them. You could also learn about your customers by creating engagement zones, where you can stimulate and receive candid feedback on your services and products.

  1.     Deliver as promised- and go beyond

Most clients cite the inability to meet expectations and poor customer service as the main reasons for leaving. In other words, customer retention and loyalty depend largely on how your service delivery matches your hype. The first step to wowing your customers is not disappointing them in the first place. As recommended by the International Parking Institute, the key is in having effective communication within the company and making sure that everyone understands what was promised to the customer. Make sure to meet all the deadlines and deliverables. You could also use CRM software to help with automating the process.

Do not stop at delivering what was promised, go beyond the customer’s expectations. This can be achieved in the form of free gifts and services. Every customer likes to feel like they are getting good value. This added value can also come in the form of customer support, where giving your customers more assistance and support than they expect helps you develop brand advocates for word of mouth marketing.

  1. Make follow-ups when least expected

Another innovative strategy for wowing customers is by making follow-ups, especially when least expected. Getting the element of surprise on your side can help you wow your customer, especially for startups. Use such platforms as e-mails to get feedback from your customers. This could be even more effective is initiated by the business owner of the entrepreneur, as such a personal touch could help in building a long-term business relationship.

Pick up the phone and ask your customers about their experiences using your products or services. Through suchcalls, customers will have the satisfaction of knowing that they matter to you and your company.

  1. Always express your gratitude

Thanking your customers may seem obvious, but is something companies tend to ignore. The decision by a customer to use your services or products should not be taken for granted since there are other alternatives they could have picked. There are many creative ways to show gratitude to your clients, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated undertaking for it to have a great impact. Even just chats with customers can go a long way. The key here is to put in the effort. Strategies you could use include sending a little birthday gift such as a coupon.

If you follow these simple steps, your customers will feel appreciated and are highly likely to remain and make repeat purchases. However, it is understandable that as a young business concentrating on customer relations can be challenging, and can distract from the core functions of your business.

As such, we propose that you consider outsourcing customer relations to a competent provider like
Our company not only provides the best customer support tips but also solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. For more information on how you can get the best in customer care, all you need to do is contact us.

Tips for Startupers: How to Provide Your Customer with WOW-Experience?


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