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10+ years in the industry

E-Commerce Customer
Service Outsourcing

For Europe and US-Based
Retailers and Brands

  • 24/7 global coverage
  • In 10+ languages
  • Up to 60% budget savings
  • European time zone

100+ Clients From 20+ Countries Have Already Trusted Us

Uniting Against
Business Constraints

Overwhelmed by customer inquiries? Slow responses
impacting satisfaction rate? Don’t know how to cope with
numerous after-hours refund requests? And this leads to a
decrease in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Finding new agents is increasingly challenging. Onboarding
and training processes might cause stress and disappointment.
Investing in equipment and software means higher expenses.

All of this adds to your overhead.

Unlock a new era of efficiency. Scroll to reveal
the transformative power of this solution.

Outstanding e-Commerce
Support Services

WOW24-7 with service delivery centers in Eastern Europe frees
Customer Support Executives from recruitment, training,
onboarding, and low CSAT concerns

  1. Agents Trained by World-Class Coaches 
    communicate with your tone-of-voice.
  2. Up to 24/7/365 coverage
    (incl. after hours, weekends & holidays) in
    10+ languages.
  3. 100% of communication channels covered: 
    calls, emails, live chats, social media.
  4. Multilevel (L0, L1, L2) e-Сommerce call center
    outsourcing solution in 10+ languages.
  5. Fixed price with no costs of workplaces,
    equipment, software, recruitment, and training.
  6. Quality System ensures compliance with
    the indicators specified in the SLA.

Discover how close and seamless communication can be with a remote team.

A Promise Backed By Results

96% Customer Satisfaction Score of Our Service. Your customers can get the same outstanding service too.

Share your challenge  and we'll develop a custom e-Commerce support service solution for you.

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Your Business - Your Rules

No need to change your business process or software.

We seamlessly integrate our teams into your existing CRM & ERP systems, adapting to your needs.

Get started effortlessly with our flexible and expert solutions.

We are experts in:

e-Commerce Call Center Outsourcing to tackle:

  • Order-related issues

    • Pre- / post-sales support
    • Shipping and Tracking
    • Cancellations & Returns
    • Payments & Refunds
  • Usability issues

    • Problems with log-in
    • Navigation
    • Add/remove features
    • Modification of notifications
  • Troubleshooting

    • Refund issues
    • Debt collection
    • Systems set up
    • Handling complex requests

Sell wherever you want and we will provide perfect customer support for your clients.

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Here are the advantages awaiting
your business:

  1. The easiest way to scale your e-Commerce
    support services for seasonal spikes.
  2. Up to 60% budget savings compared to an
    in-house support team.
  3. Reducing the time for time-consuming and
    recurring tasks, such as refunds and returns.
  4. Increased CSAT through 24/7 support in any
    communication channel and in any language.
  5. No need for your involvement. We’ll handle it all
    while you focus on big-picture decisions.

Enjoy a world of
personal perks:

  1. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and focus on
    what matters. Let’s cut your to-do list in half.
  2. Connect with our Team Lead or other agents
    whenever you need.
  3. Embrace autonomy. Break free from the never-ending
    customer support grind.
  4. Have a calm state of mind due to solid results & trust
    by outsourcing e-Commerce customer service.
  5. Reclaim your time: catch up on restful sleep or
    embark on that long-awaited vacation.

Our Subscription Plans

You get a comprehensive e-Commerce support service solution, not just agents.


    Your project is managed by an acting, trained,  experienced and already formed team of 5-6 agents working on 2-5 projects simultaneously 24/7 in rotating shifts.

    The optimal customer support for e-Commerce stores with a small and average number of customer requests.

    As a first response and triage service for Level 1 technical and customer support. A quick-start e-Commerce call center for any company size.

    See pricing

    Your project is managed by a dedicated agent, or a team, that works exclusively on your company project. Any language, any schedule, any project complexity.

    The optimal e-Commerce customer support solution for companies with medium to high volumes of customer requests.

    As a Level 1 & 2 for tech and customer support when in-depth and specific knowledge of the product is needed.

    See pricing

6 stages to transform your e‑Commerce customer service

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1 – 8 hours

Estimation of the project complexity, recruitment time and training time of the team. Contract signing.

1 – 5 days

Preparation of training plan and training schedule. Aligning workflows and SLAs, gathering materials and knowledge base.

0 – 3 weeks

We receive the requirements for the agent/specialist. We find, interview and test candidates. Send their CVs to the client for approval.

1 – 3 weeks

Training of the agents, incl. introductory, regular and active training sessions, self-education part, Q&A session with the client.

1 – 2 days

Our management team finalizes all processes. The QA team conducts the quality evaluation of the agents before they go live.

1 – 8 hours

The team starts performing operational tasks. The onboarding dept tracks performance for 1 month after going live to eliminate any flaws that may surface.

In just 2–4 weeks,
the team of agents goes live.

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Who we are

We have been providing customer support to our software engineering group of companies since 2008. In 2016 WOW24-7 became a spin-off providing customer support as a service to external cutting-edge technology & e-commerce clients.

Today, we focus on different industries united by the e-commerce market. These include Retail, SaaS, IoT and Travel in Europe and North America.

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WOW24-7's Guarantees

Data Privacy & Security

We keep all data safe & secure by following strict guidelines of GDPR, ISO27001, ISO9001. PCI DSS and ISO27701 are coming soon.

Get a service, pay after

From the first month in service you will be
invoiced after the services are provided
(a 1-month deposit is required).

No one-year contract requirement

A long-term partnership is built by providing an excellent service. That’s why our agreement can be canceled anytime with just a quick heads-up.

Quality System

We control the quality of communications
and ensure compliance with the indicators specified in the SLA.

WOW24-7's Standards for e-Commerce Contact Center

  • 24/7/365

    Stay connected with your customers around the clock, every day of the year, including night shifts, weekends and holidays.

  • Transparent

    We adapt to your business style, business processes, and data protection requirements, all while being under your control.

  • Customised

    We recruit a team of agents who meet specific requirements in terms of language proficiency, product knowledge, and technical skills.

  • Full

    We handle customer requests across all communication channels and are fluent in 10+ languages to enhance your CSAT.

  • Consistent

    We continually bring in cutting-edge experts to improve our agents’ emotional intelligence and ability to deal with difficult customers.

  • Reliable Peace
    Of Mind

    Enhance the working environment within your team by delegating high-pressure tasks to a dynamic and empathetic outsourced team.

  • Each project is supported by an Onboarding Manager, Delivery Team Lead, Quality Assurance Manager, Recruitment Team Lead, HR Manager, and a Customer Success Manager.

Each project is supported by an Onboarding Manager, Delivery Team Lead, Quality Assurance Manager, Recruitment Team Lead, HR Manager, and a Customer Success Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be fast in e-Commerce customer service?
A highly performant e-Commerce customer support requires skilled agents, an extensive knowledge base, a clear development strategy, and robust & well-integrated, and scalable software. Put everything into one box, and you’ll get efficient e-Commerce customer service.
What is e-Commerce customer service?
Customer service in e-Commerce is the synergy of skilled people, well-designed processes, and software that makes purchasing easier for customers and allows merchants to make client-oriented sales.
How to handle customer support for an e-Commerce store?
The best way is to implement best practices. To define the right indicators, hire the best agents and train them, choose advanced software solutions, and implement a quality system. Or send us a request and get customer support for e-Commerce turnkey with actual budget savings.
How much does e-Commerce customer service outsourcing cost?
The cost of an outsourced e-Commerce customer service may vary depending on your project scale and business model. Check our pricing to explore what option is suitable for you.
How to set up customer service for your e-Commerce store?
The best way is to implement best practices. To define the right indicators, hire the best agents and train them, choose advanced software solutions, and implement a quality system. Or send us a request and get customer support for e-Commerce turnkey with actual budget savings.

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