3 Myths About Customer Service Outsourcing

3 Myths About Customer Service Outsourcing The fast growth of technology has changed the business operations and provided new opportunities for business development in the global market. Business processes outsourcing remains one of the most significant contributors to a world economy. Despite the fact that it’s quite a new concept,…

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Chatbot Customer Support: New Pain of Crypto Сurrency Exchanges

  Thanks, technology world, chatbots became a mainstream. Anytime you decide to make a call in order to have an access to any business services, chances are high that you may be greeted by automated software, designed to assist you to access the service. This is an aspect that is…

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Tips on Hiring for Outsourced Customer Service

Want to provide effective customer support? You can do this with ease! But only if you have qualified employees who are proficient enough to deliver wow support experience. And it really matters as customer care have an enormous influence on a public image of your brand. The statistics show that…

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5 Reasons That Should Motivate a FinTech Company to Outsource Its Services

It is a common thing for established companies in the FinTech industry to outsource their work. By the reason of, they have experienced the numerous benefits of outsourcing work to professional companies that render the service. According to the survey conducted by Deloitte, more than 44% of FinTech companies outsourced…

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Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support

Whether you watch TV, browse the web or even wait on line in a store, you’ll probably hear people talking about the blockchain – the technology which went mainstream in 2017 and continues to gain popularity. There is a tremendous controversy whether bitcoin and other similar coins are bubbles about…

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6 Tips on How to Survive in Crypto Business

  If nominating blockchain as a short-term bubble, you’ll have to eat your words, cause now it is more than just a gateway drug trend. We consider 2018 to be the intrinsic blockchain development year, like the 90s with the Internet and dotcom booms, like “frenzy” AI in 2016, and…

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Useful Phrases for Your Customer Support Representatives

  Whether it’s about handling incoming leads or technical support for existing customers – the customer support service is the special force of your business, which works at the forefront. A lot depends on the approach and technology of this department, for example, the loyalty of the target audience and,…

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Tips for Startups: How to Create an Industry Survey?

  Are you thinking about an industry survey to yield legitimate results? Market surveys are often the best way to find out more about the supply and demand, potentially successful products and services, customer needs, and more. However, the accuracy of results depends on the way you organize the questions…

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