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Email Support Outsourcing: Achieve Inbox Zero With WOW24/7

Swamped By Incoming Email Queries From Your Clients? There Is A Way Out. Outsourcing Email Support Is Your Chance To Save Time And Satisfy Customers.

Outsource Email Support Services To Get

Eliminate a negative impact of emails with the WOW team. Our skilled talents can perform tricky tasks such as cross selling and brand promotion with fewer follow ups and maximal outcome

Don’t let a customer wait. Let our email support reach Inbox Zero for you. Solve tickets of any complexity on a tight schedule and cut response time to increase customer satisfaction

Our email support agents will process sensitive client data in compliance with ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements

Keep customer loyalty despite of the season. Increase or reduce the number of team members depending on seasons to remain flexible and cover business needs

We cover customer questions and all your emails communicating in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and other widespread languages

Opt for email support outsourcing to keep in touch with your customers not only during business hours, but round the clock! Handle product queries, information queries or any other requests 24/7 to show customer care. We are working without breaks and holidays to process customers queries and deliver exceptional experiences

Ensure better email customer support performance with easier remote WOW24-7 team management through various communication channels convenient for you.

There’s no room for standard email support services and solutions. We tailor operation to your business needs, deliver solutions capable of covering your demand and increase customer satisfaction. You can delegate any communication to the WOW agents including email technical support, customer surveys, sales queries, order fulfillment requests, etc. The well-trained shared or dedicated customer support center agents will cope with any email volume and complexity by providing accurate answers. Choose outsourcing email support services to provide more than customers expect, work with customer queries times faster and save a competitive edge.

Outsourced Email Services: What To Expect

Hire WOW24-7 email support to let us select skilled and experienced agents your business needs in the extremely short term

WOW24-7 will prepare the email customer support agents for real-life interactions in under two weeks of in depth training, regardless of the systems your company has adopted over the years 

Leave the burden of remote team management to us to set up the operation faster, and ensure a better business performance

Hire WOW24-7 email support service to ensure timely and accurate response via this channel. Broad the range of loyal customers using cost effective services capable to perform more than customers expect

Apply a wide and detailed WOW24-7 knowledge base structure to set up business processes, communicate with customers smoothly and create better client experience

Need To Outsource Email Customer Service? Then You Need Us

Speed matters but professionalism matters even more. At WOW24-7, we offer a synergy of inbound and outbound services. We learn your business specifics, investigate your customer base and adopt your company’s tone to reply professionally to an email on your behalf. It helps us react fast to all clients’ queries giving accurate and complete answers.

More Than Customer Service Email Center

The importance of having reliable customer care service is hard to underestimate. The value it brings helps elevate your business and make it stand out in a highly-competitive environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is email customer service?
Email support outsourcing is a service that helps your company interact with customers via email. It’s preferably used by B2B companies, tech-oriented businesses, traveling agencies, etc. since email communication gives agents time to solve tickets properly:

– provide a commercial offering for a request
– fix bugs in a product and go back to the client with the answer
– send flight tickets using a reliable source
How to be faster at work with email customer service?
The most suitable way is to implement best practices. To define the right indicators, hire highly-experienced agents and train them, choose advanced software solutions and implement a quality system. Or send us a request and get turnkey email customer service with actual budget savings.
Why is email important to providing customer service?
People perceive email chains as a source of truth when comparing communication via email or social media, for example. Email support outsourcing services are needed to solve tickets properly. Sometimes it might be time-consuming. In such cases, email is a convenient way for customers and companies to keep in touch.