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We offer three types of Shared bundles: Startup, Basic, and Semi-Dedicated. They are distinct by the number of monthly interactions they can process, time for service provision, and training time, respectively.

– The Startup bundle can process about 700 interactions per month, spending 130 hours on your project. The training period takes 1-2 weeks.

– The Basic bundle can process up to 1.350 interactions per month, spending 270 hours on your project. The training period takes 1-3 weeks.

– The Semi-Dedicated bundle can process up to 2.000 interactions per month, spending 400 hours on your project. The training period is custom.

Training is included no matter what option you choose. For Dedicated Teams/Agents, the service provision begins with the training.
No. Our agents can provide multi-channel support following customer requirements.
We prefer to work with a client’s CRM to make its operation seamless. Otherwise, if you have no suitable CRM software, we can help you choose it and set it up.
It all depends on the projects’ scale. But on average, one shared team handles 4-6 projects simultaneously.
A Semi-Dedicated team is a Shared team handling 2-3 projects simultaneously.
All vacations and sick leaves are on our side. But customers can also provide some extra days off if they see fit.
There are 5 team members and 1 team lead in Shared teams and an unlimited number of agents in Dedicated teams (depending on customer requirements).
You can choose a suitable bundle by default, spending a relevant number of interactions.
Yes, we have an ISO27001 certificate.
Usually, we sign a Master Service Agreement (MSA), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and Data Process Agreement (DPA). But if you need any additional agreements to comply with legislation or corporate policies, we are also open to signing them.
Yes. You can talk with agents before signing MSA and other agreements.
In general, one interaction is one complete cycle of communication with the end customer (for example, one email, one completed chat, or one call).
We work based on prepayment and post-payment methods, depending on customer needs.
We have over 160 professional agents.
Yes, we have two offices in Lviv and Kyiv. But we also respect our agents’ desire to stay safe. Therefore, we support a hybrid work model.
Yes. You can request custom coverage no matter what team you choose.
Usually, the training process takes 2-6 weeks, depending on your project scale and the team you choose.
We have Quality Assurance Managers evaluating interactions quality monthly and sharing relevant reports with customers.
We select agents proficient in any required language based on client needs. Usually, we support English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Arabic, etc.

We use:

– A desktop PC or a laptop with Core i5 or higher dual/quad-core processor at 1.8 GHz minimum; 8GB RAM; 128 GB SSD.

– Standard size monitor with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080.

– A phone headset.

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