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Outsource SaaS Support to a Well-Trained Team

Develop a product and let tech support services back up your users to ensure high customer satisfaction rates. Contact sales today to cope with customer inquiries faster, increase customer loyalty, and design advanced technology while we will work for your customers’ WOW.

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Get Better Result

SaaS firms scale their teams by more than 50% every year. An in-house team requires continuous investment, good HR services, and time. You must select people with the core competencies needed to cover your business demand. Some of them should be pros in cloud computing, and others – have the extensive technical knowledge to ensure high-quality customer interactions. Since the in-house help desk creation is not a piece of cake, outsource tech support. If hiring skilled talent is crucial in this field, WOW24-7 could be your ally and cope with it for you. 

Compared with other companies, we stand for a 100% business-oriented approach in each project we run: from general call center support to troubleshooting issues via email. 

Such support is one of the most challenging niches since all the solutions around, including major platforms and widespread mobile apps, can work incorrectly or be hard for users to understand. WOW24-7 provides expert support that allows customers to cope with software issues easily. Opt for our outsourced technical support services to ensure continuous business growth, boost each communication business process and respond faster to the technical issue of any complexity.



Get a powerful SaaS support team of professional agents. Involve a reliable SaaS support services provider with a stellar reputation to cover your customer needs.


We will find the most effective solutions to improve tech support metrics, such as customer satisfaction, handling time, and first-call resolution.


24/7 customer support can turn any business from good to great. Use the change to benefit from rotating shifts; we are ready to solve complex issues of your customers at any time of day and night.


Don't let your customers wait for too long! Enhance your brand loyalty with SaaS support outsourcing.

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24/7 Outsourced SaaS Support Services

Behind every great business stands a great team. Prefer SaaS support outsourcing, and a professional helpdesk will solve all your customers’ problems.

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Why Choose SaaS Customer Support From WOW24-7

SaaS is a business model that requires round-the-clock customer support to ensure that the users get the most out of your software product. Therefore it makes sense to opt for technical support outsourcing since in-house support costs too much of your time and effort. Involve the needed expertise by cooperating with outsourced agents. WOW24-7 help desk talents provide market-proven SaaS support and turn leads into new subscribers.

Just imagine that hundreds of your clients are continually reaching out for assistance. The most considerable part of all requests is contributed to simple glitches and errors such as typical software user issues. Our SaaS desk staff will solve all your customers’ requests following high communication standards. 

How The SaaS Technical Support Services Model Looks Like

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SaaS support team

Increase the loyalty of customers

And focus on expanding the audience. Once a customer’s issue is resolved, you get a report that will help you to analyze a customer’s journey.

Start serving your users right away

Elevate your clients’ experience and cover their needs. No one will be left behind or unsatisfied.

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WOW24-7 Customer Care Training

Uplift Revenue

A team of top agents will deliver high-level support assistance, creating a positive image of your brand and driving revenue.


Contact the WOW24-7 SaaS support provider at least a month before the release date. So we will have time to prepare a knowledge base and train agents.

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Integrate with any CRM

Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce HelpDesk, Freshdesk, and other CRM platforms 

Benefits Of Using SaaS Support Services

24/7 availability

Whether day or night, our support team is ready to assist your customer immediately.

Strong experience

For more than 12 years, the WOW SaaS support agents have been providing companies worldwide with proven customer support solutions customized to their needs.

Advanced technologies

Our SaaS support team uses the latest tools that allow us to resolve issues, reply to all clients, and continuously improve communication with customers.

Full scalability

SaaS support outsourcing with WOW24-7 brings you fully scalable solutions and well-established processes that meet your expectations.

Customer satisfaction

Our support knows how to make your users happy. We guarantee that no one will be left unsatisfied.

Market-Proven Support Solution For SaaS Products

Robust software takes time and effort to develop. But answering phone calls and replying to messages in a live chat can also be pretty challenging. Don’t choose between software development and customer support – opt for outsourced technical support and empower your business with technical support teams.

WOW24-7 is a proven outsourced support solution for any-sized business. Involve us in covering general tech support requests regarding your SaaS product. Our Level 1 team will provide complete coverage of email support, phone support, desk services, and other business needs. Let us boost customer experience via multiple channels, optimize the work with customer requests, ensure high ROI and drive your revenue. 

In cooperation with our support staff, your sales team can deeply discover user needs, ensure customer retention and build flexible strategies to meet user expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Customer support for SaaS is a unit composed of people, processes, and software. It helps users solve tech tickets at any level, from a general explanation of product features to fixing software bugs to improve the user experience.
Building in-house SaaS customer support from scratch is time-consuming and costly, from the selection of tech-oriented agents to maintenance and control. If you’re looking for a way to set up customer support for SaaS – involve outsourcing service providers like WOW24-7. Go live faster with proven specialists, ready-to-use knowledgebase, and strategy.

To estimate Customer Support Project for SaaS, please send us the following data:

– What language(s) would our customer support agents need to know?
– How many support requests/tickets do you get monthly?
– What channels do you want to use for customer support? (e.g. chat, email or phone).

We will send you the most suitable solution for your SaaS project in one business day.

We put all indications in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
The most common indicators are:

– Average handling time
– Missed calls
– First response time
– Average response time
– NPS – Net Promoter Score
– CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Score
– LTV – Lifetime Value
– APRA – Average Revenue Per Account

Other indicators can be included in an SLA on request

Randomly select a certain number of calls and chats and perform a quality analysis: language skills, soft and hard skills, workflow compliance and script compliance.

Let’s discuss your business model to find the best solution​