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From AI to Salaries: Tackling Agent Turnover Challenges

Addressing Salary Competitiveness

One key factor contributing to high agent turnover in contact centers is salary competitiveness. Florian Schröder, the Head of Customer Success at Stepstone, emphasizes the importance of addressing this aspect as a top priority. He advises contact center managers to compare their salary offerings with other departments within their own company and with competitors in the industry. Doing so can ensure their salary range is competitive and attractive enough to retain their best agents.

Florian highlights the consequences of underpaying agents, stating that if a company pays significantly less than its main competitor, it will inevitably lose its best agents to the competition. This loss of talent affects the contact center’s overall performance and leads to increased turnover rates. Therefore, contact center managers must assess their salary possibilities and be willing to pay a competitive rate to retain their top performers.

Removing Boring and Repetitive Tasks

Another significant factor contributing to agent turnover is the presence of boring and repetitive tasks. Florian suggests that contact center managers analyze their processes to identify gaps and areas where improvements can be made. By doing so, they can identify tasks that can be automated or streamlined to make agents’ lives easier and more fulfilling.

Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) is one way to address this issue. AI can assist in automating repetitive tasks and freeing up agents’ time for more meaningful and proactive customer service. Florian recommends automatically identifying the top ten use cases and using AI to address them. This reduces the burden on agents and improves efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Florian emphasizes that the goal should not be to reduce staff but rather to use the resources freed up by AI to focus on proactive customer service. Removing mundane tasks gives agents more time and space to understand customer needs and anticipate future issues. This proactive approach can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

AI as an Empowerment Tool

Whether AI will replace or empower agents is a common concern in the contact center industry. Florian firmly believes that AI should be seen as a tool to empower agents rather than threaten their jobs. He argues that companies should not aim to replace a significant portion of their staff with AI but rather use AI to enhance agents’ capabilities and productivity.

By leveraging AI to automate repetitive tasks, agents can focus on more proactive and value-added activities. Florian emphasizes that this shift in focus can significantly impact key performance indicators such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). By investing time and resources in proactive customer service, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and create positive customer experiences.

Florian acknowledges that some companies may consider replacing a large portion of their staff with AI. However, he argues that this would be a mistake. Instead, he encourages companies to view AI as a tool to enhance the skills and capabilities of their agents. By freeing up agents’ time from mundane tasks, they can invest more energy in understanding customer needs and providing personalized and proactive solutions.


Addressing agent turnover in contact centers requires a multifaceted approach. Florian Schröder’s insights highlighted key strategies to reduce turnover rates and improve overall performance. By addressing salary competitiveness, removing boring and repetitive tasks, and leveraging AI as an empowerment tool, contact center managers can create a more engaging and fulfilling work environment for their agents.

Contact center managers must recognize the importance of competitive salaries in retaining top talent. By benchmarking against other departments and competitors. They can ensure their salary offerings are attractive enough to retain their best agents.

Furthermore, implementing AI can significantly improve job satisfaction and productivity by automating repetitive tasks. This allows agents to focus on more proactive and value-added activities, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Addressing agent turnover requires a proactive and holistic approach. Contact centers can create an environment that fosters agent satisfaction and improves overall performance by prioritizing salary competitiveness, removing mundane tasks, and leveraging AI as an empowerment tool.

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