6 Best Practices for Maximizing E-commerce Customer Service

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. — Michael LeBoeuf Perfect customer service and support in e-commerce are crucial for any business. To stand out from the competitors, your brand needs to answer all customers’ questions, reduce their doubts, and build enough trust to convince buyers to…

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What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019

Why technical support is important and how can an average business organization benefit from having it? It is hard to imagine a positive, overall customer experience without offering quality tech support. If a company working in the field of Information Technologies (IT) like a software developer ignores the importance of…

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What Is SaaS Customer Service? Find Out in Mini-Guide from Experts

What Is SaaS Customer Service: Everything That You Have to Know Today, many entrepreneurs keep on asking, “What does SaaS solution mean?” This abbreviation becomes more and more popular every year. Software as a service is what it stands for. It is software hosted, guaranteed, and controlled by a specific…

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What Is Technical Support: Definition, Purposes, and Role in Business

What Is Technical Support? Definition and Meaning It is hard to imagine any online business today without reliable, stable tech support. What is technical support? This term stands for a range of services aimed at providing website or app users with fast help with any issues that may arise. In…

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Customer Support Outsourcing: How to Succeed in Onboarding New Agents

Congratulations! After a thorough research and weighing up pros and cons, you’ve finally decided to outsource customer support services. This was a long way to go but the most crucial is yet to come; you need to ensure your new agents will perform as well as your in-house team and help you…

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5 Customer Service Tips for Early-Stage Startups

The primary goal of every startup in the early stage is to make the world know about their innovative idea and kick-start selling a product or service with a bang. If done right, marketing can do miracles for your startup and bring hundreds of customers making your company the next…

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