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Leave the constant agent hiring, onboarding, and
training to the customer service BPO with less than half the
industry average agent turnover rate.

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A flexible customer care outsourcing solution scaling with your business – 2x, 5x, 10x, or back as needed.

The 24/7 team manages peaks for prompt assistance, even afterhours and holidays, improving CX.

A top-notch service within your budget, delivering specialized expertise, and reasonable rates.

Industry champions in agent retention, company culture, efficient processes, and well-trained team leads. 

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Customer Satisfaction
Score (CSAT)
From 2 to 9 to 14 to 9
Agents scaling
seasonal ticket spikes
From 3.5/5 to 4.5/5
Improved Customer

How a German Fashion Brand's
Rapid Scale Became Possible

Learn how the fashion brand dealt with rapid request growth, seasonal spikes and dared to unlock up to 60% savings.

Learn more in Case Study
burst capacity (BlackFriday & Christmas) Supported
From 3 agents to 13
Agents scaling
Brand Voice Match
quicker Response Time

Apparel Company Triple Challenge: 
High Volume, After Hours, Languages

Discover how OceansApart went global with 24/7 multilingual support, handling surging customer requests while emphasizing trust and personalization

Learn more in Case Study
Travel & Booking Apps Supported
8 agents - 12- 8-18
Scaled back & forth
tickets processed annually
faster response time

Swift Customer Support Revival for 
Travel Agency Post-Lockdown

Walks’ journey from customer to operational support: seasonal scaling, 7x faster response time, and coverage of after-hours, weekends, & holidays

Learn more in Case Study

Still Wavering On Whether To 
Outsource Customer Service?

Consider this: Not only such tech behemoths as Apple, IBM,
and Cisco Systems do outsource, but mid and small-size
companies as well. 

4 Quick facts:


of customers express their
willingness to pay extra for
exceptional customer care.


of customers favor companies
with excellent customer service
for repeat purchases.


Outsourcing customer service
can result in a reduction in
operational costs.


of customer service leaders
outsource to reduce costs and
achieve greater scale.

WOW24-7 is when you have…

Someone so trusted

WOW24-7 touched our hearts with
their caring approach to refunds, they
also boosted efficiency, and customer

I love that there’s a Team Lead on the
project. There’re a lot of things she
does: tracks hours, QA, improves the

Evelyn Barthier

Senior Vendor
Operations Manager

An enthusiastic team that
saves you money

They saved us money and
strengthened our relationships with
third parties, leading to a more robust
sales response. 

The team's enthusiasm, clear
communication, and consistent
support add significant value to our


Head of Guest

The response time reduced
by X13

We’ve seen very high levels of
accuracy in triage and quick
responses. Their back office team runs
monthly catch-ups. 

WOW24-7 is with customers outside of
office hours, helping us remain
responsive to the evolving customer

Martin Cubitt

Support Manager

24/7 coverage with no
interactions missed

Their phone, chat, and email
coverage facilitates customer
service efforts, acting as the
L1 support for all queries.

They quickly adapted to our systems
of communication and note-taking,
getting us up to speed in under
two months.

Thomas Sønderbjerg

Head of Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outsourcing customer service?
Outsourcing customer service to WOW24-7 provides cost efficiency (up to 60%), 24/7 support including holidays and weekends, scalability for season spikes (the team can grow in number and decline based on the needs), and access to specialized expertise. We also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service provided. 
How to outsource customer service?
To outsource customer service, first come up with your needs, choose a reputable provider, and establish clear expectations. Maintain regular communication, implement transparent processes, and review performance metrics for a successful partnership.
How much does outsourcing customer service cost?
The cost of outsource customer service solutions may vary depending on your project scale and business model. Check our pricing to explore what option is suitable for you.
Where to get outsourced customer service?
Outsourced customer service can be obtained from specialized outsourcing providers, often accessible through online platforms or referrals. Look for reputable companies with expertise in customer service outsourcing to ensure a reliable and effective partnership.
What does customer service do at WOW24-7?
At WOW24-7, our customer service entails providing comprehensive and tailored support solutions. We manage inquiries, offer proactive assistance, and ensure customer satisfaction across various industries, including Retail and e-Commerce, SaaS, IoT, and Travel in Europe and North America.
When to start outsourcing customer service?
Outsource your customer service when faced with increasing service demands, limited resources, or a desire to enhance operational efficiency. Timing can also be strategic for expanding services, managing sudden spikes in inquiries, or addressing challenges in agent turnover or training.
Do you offer a trial period, and what is the duration of your contractual commitments?
No, we do not offer a free trial period. You can cancel our agreement anytime with just a 30-day heads-up.
Where do other clients come from, and do you have expertise in the customer support field?
Since 2008, we've supported software engineering groups. In 2016, WOW24-7 became an independent entity, extending customer support services to external tech and e-commerce clients. Today, our focus is retail, SaaS, IoT, and Travel, primarily in Europe and North America.