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Outsourcing Pricing

24/7 Coverage Globally For Industries United By The E‑commerce Market:
Retail, SaaS, IoT and Travel
In Europe And North America

100+ Clients From 20+ Countries Have Already Trusted us

  • With Your Tone Of Voice
    In 10+ Languages
  • With Adaptation to Your
    CRM and ERP systems
  • With the Communication
    Channels you need
  • With Your Business Processes
    and Data Security Standards

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Your project is managed by an acting, trained & experienced team
of 5‑6 agents working 24/7 in rotating shifts on 2-5 projects simultaneously.

  • For companies with a small and average number of customer requests (especially after-hours).
  • As a first response and triage service for level 1 technical and customer support.

You may interview a Shared Team Lead beforehand.

*1 interaction = 1 email or 1 call or 1 full conversation in a live chat

Chats 300

  • 300
    interactions* per month
  • Email, Chat, Social Media, Website
  • English
  • 24/7 coverage
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Calls 300

  • 300
    interactions* per month
  • Calls Only
  • English
  • 24/7 coverage
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All 700

  • 700
    interactions* per month
  • All channels
  • English
  • 24/7 coverage
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All 1350

  • 1350
    interactions* per month
  • All channels
  • English
  • 24/7 coverage
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All 2000

  • 2000
    interactions* per month
  • All channels
  • English
  • 24/7 coverage
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Your project is managed by a dedicated agent, or a team, that works exclusively
on your company project. Any language, any schedule, any project complexity.

  • For companies with an average and large number of customer requests.
  • As a level 1 & 2 for technical and customer support when in-depth and specific
    knowledge of the product is needed.

You can take part and approve agents at the recruitment stage.

1 Dedicated

  • 1 Agent
  • 40 or 20 hours per week of your choice
  • All channels
  • Any language
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Dedicated Team

  • 5+ Agents
  • 24/7 coverage
  • All channels
  • Any language
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Custom Dedicated

  • Team composition according
    to your needs
  • Flexible coverage hours
  • All channels
  • Any language
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Whichever option you choose,
you get a Comprehensive System:

Features for each option

  • Direct contact to the team
  • Adopted workflow to your business process
  • Handling on your software
  • Fast & Flexible Onboarding
  • Team training
  • Customer Success Manager Support
  • Quality Assurance Systems
  • Monthly Reporting

Involved Management
Team for each option

  • Team Lead
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Onboarding Manager

Companies that have been trusting us

Our clients' achievements

Instead of wordy convictions from us, just look at what our
customers say about their results

5 key stages of
implementation in 2-4 weeks

    You tell us the tasks you want to solve and we prepare a detailed proposal. We sign the agreement.
    You meet with a whole project team, discuss and approve the action and training plan together.
    We recruit or hire candidates according to your requirements, who are ideally suited to your project.
    We train agents to communicate in your tone of voice. Сreate workflows, scenarios and scripts.
    We set up your Customer Support software and implement a system of assessment and quality control

After 2-4 weeks* the agents go live. You receive detailed reporting on communication quality and continue to get the most out of customer support outsourcing

* after signing the contract

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It doesn't bind you to anything

What do you get from working with us

  1. The easiest way to scale up and scale down your customer care for seasonal spikes.
  2. Up to 60% budget savings compared to organizing and managing an in-house support team.
  3. Reducing the time of time-consuming and recurring tasks, such as refunds and returns.
  4. Increase CSAT through 24/7 support in any communication channel and in any language.
  5. Save time for important and perspective tasks for your business that take longer to complete.
And one more important personal thing.

Direct communication with the Team Lead and Delivery Manager allows you not to be constantly involved in a routine customer support process. You will be able to have a peace of mind due to reliability and trust in the team.

And finally, have a good night sleep, and go on vacation when you want to!

WOW24-7’s Guarantees

Data Privacy & Security

We keep all data safe & secure by following strict guidelines GDPR, ISO27001, ISO9001, and PCI DSS (coming soon).

No one-year contract requirement

A long-term partnership is built by providing excellent service. That’s why our agreement can be cancelled anytime with short notice.

Get a service, pay after

From the first month in service you will be invoiced after the services are provided (a 1-month deposit is required).

Quality System

We control the quality of communications and ensure compliance with the indicators specified in the SLA.

Your Business - Your Rules

  • Your Channels

    Calls, Email, Live Chats, Messengers,
    Social Media and Marketplaces.

  • Your Languages

    10+, Including English, German,
    Spanish, Italian, French, etc.

  • Your Software

    CRM and ERP systems, Applications,
    and Providers.

  • Your Requirements for

    Business Processes, Data Security
    Standards, and Tone of Voic

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