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Case Study

Swift Customer Support Revival for
Travel Agency Post-Lockdown

Walks’ journey from customer to operational support: seasonal
scaling, 7x faster response time and coverage of afterhours,
weekends, & holidays.

"WOW24-7 proved to be
a pivotal partner in our

"WOW24-7 proved to be
a pivotal partner in our

Amanda Pennypacker,
Head of Guest Experience

CSAT: 95%

9 Travel & Booking Apps

2x capacity for bursts & seasonal
ticket spikes

6000+ tickets processed annually

Scaled back & forth: 8 agents- 12-

Enhanced operational efficiency
& guest satisfaction

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Client Description

Walks provides some of the most exclusive and beautifully
designed small group tours in the industry through Italy and
around the world. 

Plus, it offers special access to some of the world’s most iconic
landmarks and attractions as well as unique cultural

Quick overview:

  • Field of Activity: Tours and activities

  • Products: Tours in 14 cities

  • Market: Global

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

  • Customer Support Language: English

  • Business Size: Annual revenue of $54.5M, 162 employees

Project Description

Service Provided:

  1. Customer support outsourcing,

  2. Operation support outsourcing

Industry: Travel and Hospitality
Team: Dedicated team of 18 agents + 1 Team Lead
L1 & L2 of travel customer support tasks: initial communication,
password reset assistance, internal & external feedback,
Customer Query Resolution, large group sales management,
booking assistance, follow-up interactions, & technical issue
Operational support tasks: ticket purchases, transportation
organization, specific tour inclusion reservations, B2B tasks,
vendor communication, anchor products assistance and guide

Pre-Outsourcing Challenges


Pandemic Impact

The pandemic greatly impacted Walks' tourism business, urging
the need to retain & attract travelers despite challenges.


Stress, Workload & Hiring Concerns

Despite a skilled in-house team, concerns included an
overwhelming workload, stress, time constraints with no
possibility for vacations, and hiring challenges.


Support Operation Hurdles

Operational challenges, including delays & service
inconsistencies during high-volume & seasonal spikes, impacted
customer relationships.


Demand-Driven Scalability

Walks sought flexibility to scale their support team with
changing demand and needed a solution for rapid adaptability.

Our approach to these challenges?

Our collaboration with Walks began by
understanding their unique support challenges
& goals through a detailed study, leading to a
tailored project roadmap along with a well-
defined project scope.

Our Onboarding Manager led the seamless
transition, collaborating with key stakeholders to
create a tailored onboarding strategy and set
the project on the right track.

Together with Walks, we carefully selected
expert agents with language proficiency,
advanced product knowledge, & keen attention
to detail. Through comprehensive training and
testing, we sharpened their skills in clear and
concise communication.

The training & testing programs emphasized the
value of asking strong, to-the-point questions, a
skill recognized by the client. This way, agents
can efficiently assist customers without
wasting their time, aligning perfectly with our
client's vision.

Regular collaboration with Team Lead
ensures effective project management, agent
performance tracking (First Response Time,
Resolution Time etc.), new agent training, and
seamless communication.

We maintain stringent performance oversight
against SLA metrics. Quality assurance is
maintained by our insurance manager, who
provides weekly reports on interactions with
the Customer Service Team Lead. This ensures
top-tier service.

Our commitment to excellence thrived on an
adaptive approach, responding to Walks'
unique insights and needs. The Customer
Success Manager maintained consistent
communication, addressing progress,
troubleshooting, and workflow enhancements.

Our flexibility extended to agile team size
adjustments, ensuring seamless support during
seasonal shifts while preserving support quality.

Key project results:


Up to 60% Savings & up to 95% CSAT

Strategic initiatives improved operations, reducing outsourcing costs, stabilizing finances, and enabling cost-effective resource optimization for stronger sales responses.


2x burst capacity & 2x seasonal ticket spikes managed

Swift adaptations in hiring, onboarding, and training allowed for a remarkable 2x burst capacity increase: from 8 agents to 12 agents then to 8 and finally to 18 agents, maintaining excellence.


Customer support with 6000+ tickets annually handled

Our customer support team manages an annual load of over 6,000 customer inquiries and service requests (operational support not included.) No ticket is left unattended.


Operational assistance within 9 travel & booking apps

Going beyond customer support (4 agents), we offer dedicated operational assistance (14 agents), expertly managing 9 hospitality industry apps, incl. Anchor, Viator, GetYourGuide, Expedia.


100% Brand Voice match

Enhancing the customer experience reinforced Walks identity and customer connection with a perfect 100% brand voice match.

Evaluating our services with numerical client feedback

Item Points on a 10-point grading scale
Overall satisfaction

Overall client covering

Agents' performance, product knowledge,
and process knowledge

How likely would you recommend us to
friends and colleagues in other companies?

Value for money for services

What our client says

Amanda Pennypacker
Head of Guest Experience

I was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly WOW24-7
helped us navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic.

They not only saved us money but also improved our relationships
with 3rd parties, resulting in a stronger sales response.

The team's enthusiasm, clear communication, and consistent
support bring tremendous value to our company. I have full
confidence in their capabilities, enabling me to step away without

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