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Retail's Triple Challenge: High Volume, After Hours, Languages

Discover how OceansApart went global with 24/7 multilingual support, handling surging customer requests while emphasizing
trust and personalization.

‘When we started, I didn't
expect to be able to trust
someone so much.

It's not just in business, but
also on a human

‘When we started, I didn't
expect to be able to trust
someone so much.

It's not just in business, but
also on a human

Evelyn Barthier,
Senior Vendor Operations Manager

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): 96%

100% brand voice match

2x burst capacity
(BlackFriday & Christmas)

2x seasonal ticket spikes managed

Increased from 3 agents to 13
agents (excl. High season spikes)

3x quicker Response Time

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Client Description

OceansApart, a Germany-based retail company, produces fashionable, comfortable feminine activewear. They believe activewear should be a source of confidence and strength.

They empower & inspire people, embracing their uniqueness — all in the spirit of enjoying the moment & living life to the fullest. Alongside Germany, OceansApart is celebrating success in France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Quick overview:

  • Field of Activity: Retail & e-Commerce

  • Products: Clothing

  • Market: 5+ countries in Europe

  • Headquarter: Germany

  • Customer Support Languages: French, Italian, English, German, Polish

  • Business Size: Annual Revenue of appx €100 million, 160+ employees

Project Description

Service Provided: Customer Support Outsourcing
Industry: Retail and e-Commerce
Team: Dedicated Team with 11 agents + Team Lead
Main Tasks: L1, L2 of e-commerce customer support, incl.
resolving issues related to item specification, pricing, delivery
options, taxes, lost & damage claims, refunds & returns.

Pre-Outsourcing Challenges


Support Efficiency Concerns

Peak seasons like Black Friday & pre-summer sales strained the in-house team, causing delays and inconsistency, impacting efficiency.


Team Management and Workload

Challenges in managing a high-performing team: staffing, training, and agent workload, affecting issue resolution and leave requests.


Inquiries in a Multilingual Context

Maintaining excellence, brand consistency, and reputation protection were vital while handling diverse inquiries across languages and cultural nuances.


Outsourcing Hurdles

Concerns encompass hidden costs, inconsistencies, language proficiency, inquiry handling, time zone issues, and required software/process changes.

Our approach to these challenges?

After analyzing all their support challenges &
expectations, We conducted a detailed
assessment, identifying the scope. With this in
mind, we crafted a tailored project roadmap to
meet their unique needs and goals.

This became the foundation of our efforts,
especially considering OceansApart's focus on
feminine activewear, which presented unique
challenges and opportunities, underscoring our
commitment to tailored solutions for success.

Our Onboarding Manager with key stakeholders
crafted a customized onboarding strategy. We
selected and recruited agents, involving client in
the selection process to align with
OceansApart's values.

Agents got thorough training, incl. inquiry
handling, stress management, and Tone of
Voice testing for an offline showroom-like
experience. Team Lead constantly distributes
the workload among agents, provides product
updates, monitors performance & trains new

We upheld ongoing communication
with OceansApart's representatives,
ensuring efficient project management &
prompt issue resolution, consistently fulfilling the
service levels we both agreed upon.

Performance was rigorously monitored, with
results constantly compared against the
predefined metrics outlined in the Service Level
Agreement (SLA) established at the outset of
our collaboration.

Our commitment to excellence was fueled by
adaptability. A Customer Success Manager
ensured open communication, managing
progress, troubleshooting, enhancing
workflows in response to their evolving needs.

We flexibly adjusted team size to provide
seamless support during seasonal peaks like
Black Friday & pre-summer sales. That way, we
uphold the highest standards of support
quality, even during periods of heightened

Key project results:


Efficient Response Times: 3 times quicker

This remarkable enhancement not only reduced customer wait times but also contributed to higher engagement and smoother interactions.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction (92% to 96%)

This signifies not only faster responses, but also a more positive customer journey, leading to increased brand loyalty, improved online reviews, a bolstered market standing, & increased sales growth.


Team Size Adjustments (From 2 to 14 & back to 11 Agents)

OceansApart adeptly managed seasonal surges, demonstrating scalability by efficiently adjusting team size, depending on their needs.


Increased Productivity Due to a Dedicated Team Lead

Team Lead autonomously oversees tracking working hours, quality assurance, workflow enhancement, agent training, and database updates. Less customer's involvement, leading to increased productivity.


Development of a Versatile Strategy:

They can confidently employ tailored tactics for various countries and languages, enhancing their global market adaptability and responsiveness.

How client evaluates our services in numbers

Item Points on a 10-point grading scale
Overall satisfaction

Overall client covering

Agents' performance, product knowledge, and process knowledge

How likely would you recommend us to friends and colleagues in other companies?

Value for money for services

What our client says

Evelyn Barthier
Senior Vendor Operations Manager

With their support, we conquer peaks, manage surges, and cherish our emotional connection to their empathetic team!

I love that there's a Team Lead on the project. There are a lot of things that she does by herself: tracks the working hours, does the quality assurance, improves the workflow.

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