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Fashion Blitz: How a German Retailer's Rapid Scale Became Possible

Learn how the fashion brand dealt with rapid request growth, seasonal spikes and dared to unlock up to 60% savings.

Our partnership with WOW-24 has been a game-changer for us.

Our partnership with WOW-24 has been a game-changer for us.

Head of Operations
& IT

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): 95%

Ensuring 100% match of brand voice

2X burst capacity over the holidays

2x seasonal ticket spikes managed

Agents scaling: from 2 to 9 to 14 to 9

Improved Customer Rating from 3.5/5 to 4.5/5

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Client Description

Embark on a transformative journey as the German fashion brand, Germany's premier clothing manufacturer, revolutionizes its retail operations.

As a Responsible Fashion Company, this brand doesn't chase trends, but creates long-lasting styles from resource-saving materials.

Aimed at giving people a positive attitude towards life to make them feel good in their body, the company develops fashion with people: customers, influencers, business partners, and critics.

Quick overview:

  • Field of Activity: Retail & e-Commerce

  • Products: Clothing

  • Market: Europe, Rest of the world

  • Headquarter: Germany

  • Customer Support Languages: German, French

  • Business Size: Annual Revenue of appx €5 million, 50+ employees

Project Description

Service Provided: Customer Support Outsourcing
Industry: Retail and e-Commerce
Team: 8 agents (6 German-speaking,
2 French-speaking agents), 1 Team Lead
Main Tasks: L1, L2 of e-commerce customer support, incl.
resolving issues related to item specification, pricing, delivery
options, taxes, lost & damage claims, refunds & returns.

Pre-Outsourcing Challenges


Operational Struggles Amidst Rapid Expansion

Their rapid growth caused operational challenges: delayed responses & inconsistent customer experiences during peak seasons, impacting team morale and efficiency.


German Market Dynamics: The Outsourcing Mandate

In the challenging German market, they dealt with high taxes, complex hiring, seasonal scaling, and costly operations while managing a high-performing team through staff, talent, & training.


Quality Concerns & Transformation Assurance

They had concerns about outsourced customer support quality: service dependability, product knowledge gaps, brand voice consistency, hidden costs, and language proficiency.

Our approach to these challenges?

Our unconventional journey with German
fashion brand, involved a deep exploration of
their unique customer support challenges. Not a
singular phase, but a meticulous study of their

This led to a precise team composition with a
detailed task stack for technical
implementation. It's about crafting a tailored
solution, setting the foundation for brand'

With approved team parameters, a cross-
functional team, including the Onboarding
Manager, Customer Success Manager, Quality
Assurance Manager, and Delivery Manager
worked closely with the fashion

Clients approved candidates for skill and values.
Comprehensive training in the fashion brand'
culture, products, and scenarios refined the
process collaboratively. Rigorous testing
solidified real-world knowledge.

Our collaborative journey with this fashion brand
includes the Quality Assurance Manager's
rigorous monthly evaluations of random chats
and emails, driving growth insights.

Our approach is a mirror reflection of German
fashion brand' aspirations; regular consultations
provide a platform for their input, pinpointing
areas for refinement and amplifying the
synchronization of visions.

Our commitment to excellence was fortified by
our adaptive approach, based on client insights
and needs. The Customer Success Manager
ensured consistent communication, addressing
progress, troubleshooting, and workflow.

Our flexible methodology included team size
adjustments for seamless support during
seasonal fluctuations, enabling graceful
navigation through seasonal fluctuations
without compromising support quality.

Key project results:


Up to 60% Savings & up to 95% CSAT

Strategic initiatives simplified operations, reducing tax and medical leave fees associated with outsourcing agents, reinforcing financial stability.


Adaptations to Market Surges & Capacity Burst

Swift adaptations in hiring, onboarding, and training allowed for a remarkable 2x burst capacity increase (from 2 to 14) during the holidays, ensuring seamless customer support.


Efficiency Amplification & Seasonal Ticket Spikes

The brand handled 2x spikes in ticket volume (from 8 to 14 & back to 9), maintaining excellence. Predictable volume changes enabled team adjustments, reducing costs and optimizing resources.


Market Shifts Without Financial Strain

The transition from 2 agents to 9 agents, excluding high-season spikes, stands as a testament to the strategic vision, perfectly aligned with Wow-24's innate flexibility, paving the way for future growth.


100% Brand Voice & up to 4.5/5 Customer Rating

Enhancing the customer experience raised the brand's Customer Rating from 3.5/5 up to 4.5/5 and reinforced their identity and customer connection with a 100% brand voice match.

How client evaluates our services in numbers

Item Points on a 10-point grading scale
Overall satisfaction

Overall client covering

Agents' performance, product knowledge, and process knowledge

How likely would you recommend us to friends and colleagues in other companies?

Value for money for services

What our client says

Head of Operations & IT

Its expertise in scaling up and down the customer support operations has been invaluable, especially during peak seasons.

They have helped us efficiently manage our customer service, provided flexibility during seasonal fluctuations. The team's prompt response and efficient handling of customer inquiries, especially the refunds, have significantly improved our brand reputation.

This partnership has had a remarkable impact on our bottom line, and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

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