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The best 5 live chat etiquette tips for making customer support outsourcing effective

Tips for Making Customer Support Outsourcing Effective

Want to make people fall in love with your brand? Your leads can quickly turn into faithful brand advocates. Just treat them seriously providing compelling customer service.

According to the Northridge Group’s report, 81% of customers would likely stop doing business with a company after poor customer experience. And only 53% of those unsatisfied clients may return.

No doubt, your business would benefit a lot from happy customers. And adding a live chat to your website is a great way of generating sales and meeting customers needs more effectively. And here’s when professional outsourced customer support comes in handy.  

Top live chat etiquette tips for outsourced customer support

Like many other communication channels live chat could be misused. In this case, potential buyers become frustrated instead of receiving pleasant customer experience. One of the main factors that impact customer satisfaction is live chat etiquette. Dealing with people can be complicated, so the soft skills of support representatives are instrumental in building meaningful communication between a brand and clients.

Live chat conversations can quickly go public like a conversation between Amazon’s dissatisfied customer and one of the operators. But it’s easy to avoid such a sticky situation. If you opt for outsourcing customer support, make sure that offshore support representatives are trained to treat leads and clients in appropriate ways.

Here are some useful live chat etiquette tips to help your customer care rise to a new level.

Be personal

Many users notice that they feel icy cold when chatting like they are messaging with a robot. Letting them know that the person on the other end of the chat is human is significant. Just a little bit efforts such as uploading a photo or using a real name can change the situation enormously. When lead visits your website, send a customized message with a friendly welcome and short introduction describing how you can help.

Be friendly

All customers want to be treated respectfully. But sometimes chatting with them can turn into a hotbed of conflicts. To avoid controversy, live chat operators should always remember that customers are also humans. So it’s crucial to demonstrate this by staying open and friendly. Listening carefully and showing your interest in customers needs will establish a connection with the person in chat room even if you have to deal with angry and frustrated one. It’s essential to allow a customer to explain the issue in details and show that you are on their side while making every effort to find the best solution to a problem.

Be honest

Playing fair is worth more to a customer than a price cut. If your company promises something such as a discount, keep that promise. Of course, to inform your clients correctly, customer support representatives should be sure of what they are saying about the product or service. Well-trained and qualified staff is an excellent way to impress people.

Use proper grammar and spelling

Make sure your customer support team has perfect grammar and spelling skills. Tons of typos and poor spelling make your entire business look unprofessional. Keep in mind that customers don’t have to know any specific terminology, so avoid jargons. Use precise questions and be as clear as possible.

Never leave a customer without an answer

Customers want you to provide them with a quick and effective solution. But not having an instant answer is normal. Sometimes customers may ask you questions that require collecting much information. Thus, inform that you read the question and preparing the reply. A phrase like “Just give me a second I’ll quickly find this out for you” won’t reveal that you are helpless. They will show your effort to help and take care of the problem.


More and more companies outsource customer support and trust their live chats to remote operators. At Wow24-7, we train support representatives to stay empathetic and enthusiastic chatting with leads and clients.

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