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Social Media Customer Support

Perform moderation and monitoring services on social media to increase your brand visibility and interact with all segments of your audience. Opt for outsourced social media customer service to handle customer queries faster, exceed customer expectations, and ensure social media presence.

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Why Choose WOW24-7 Customer Support Team

Engage Gen Z and Millennial audiences with less effort & help your clients find out more about your business by promoting it on social media channels. Involve our social customer support to deliver excellent customer service, respond to customer messages faster and keep in touch with your audience. WOW24-7 provides the social media customer care your followers deserve. Opt for us to turn social customer service strategy into absolute customer loyalty.

Save Your Time

Focus on first-priority tasks while we will answer private messages and support tickets, answer customer questions, and create your brand image. Major social media platforms require time for presence, so let us devote it to ensure your business development.

Care For Your Social Proof

WOW manages the content of social media accounts, and applies best practices to engage your audience better, and provide customer service your subscribers will recommend to their friends.

Care For Your Content

We're here to enrich your accounts with valuable content your customers will like. WOW uses social media monitoring tools, manages the content of social media accounts, and applies best practices to know your audience better: hold customer satisfaction surveys, create native social media questionnaires, etc.

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About WOW24-7

WOW Customer Service Team: 15 Years Of Experiences In Social Media Customer Support

Allow your clients to communicate with you everywhere. Hire WOW24-7 outsourced social media customer service to handle customer service requests, interact with customers regularly and supercharge customer experience. Let us provide comprehensive answers and solve issues at times faster. We can create a dedicated customer support channel to split your business activity and communication. We are capable of ensuring zero inboxes by processing direct messages in real time. Your business need comes first, so our customer service team members are always flexible in delivering better experience and results to you.

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Being closer to customers means remaining on the same page or platform. Exceed customer expectations with outsourced customer service teams

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At WOW 24-7, we always dive into current business conditions and offer suitable solutions. Our specialists create a business proposal based on discovery results, describing the support we can provide.


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We will join forces with your business to create a roadmap for our future journey: define priorities, distribute duties, and set deadlines.

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The last step before going live is preparing. Moving following your strategy, WOW 24-7 selects proficient agents and organizes high-quality training to ensure seamless outsourced social media management and customer support.

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The best thing about WOW24-7 is their dedication and commitment to what they’re doing.

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Frequently asked questions

1) Tell us what customer support languages you need, what time you want to cover, and what social media you want to use.

2) We include the indicators crucial for your business in the SLA.

3) Our quality department sends you weekly/monthly performance reports.

4) An account manager is always available to answer your questions.

Your agents should be active social media users and always check direct messages to respond immediately. They should speak the same language as the audience to make the interaction smooth and clear.
It’s client support when companies keep in touch with their audiences via social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

1. First of all, you need to dive deep into the details of the business to understand the main goals, tone of voice, corporate culture and standards.

2. Know the specifics of each social network and the tasks that need to be solved using this communication channel.

3. Use the latest tools and synchronize them with the CRM system to speed up the processing of requests.

4. Train agents in the correct behavior in stressful situations and empathic interaction with customers.

Let’s discuss your business model to find the best solution​