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Customer support scalability: Why seasonal businesses need it today

customer support scalability

  • Customer support scalability is one of the main challenges faced by seasonal businesses each peak season.
  • A low season can be used to plan activities for the upcoming high demand period and optimizing all the resources.
  • The easiest way to manage customer support scalability is by relying on support services on a reliable outsourcing services provider.
  • A shared, semi-shared, a dedicated team have their specifics and advantages for seasonal businesses.
  • It’s vital to ensure top-notch customer experience, even in high demand seasons, and businesses should make sure that their customer support resources are well-prepared for it.

Seasonable support solution

The main challenges that seasonal businesses face every peak season include:

  • Managing cash flow. 
  • Inventory management during low and high seasons.
  • Hiring and training seasonal employees. 
  • Keeping a high customer satisfaction rate during high demand periods. 

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important aspects – human resources, that is, your customer support solution.

Every company with seasonal demand for their goods and services knows that high demand seasons can be often accompanied by customer service problems, in particular. Increased volumes of chat, call, and email requests can result in an overload of existing agents and an urgent need for scaling your support services up for this short period. 

At the same time, one of the main challenges remains simple – ensure top-level customer support, even in high demand season. It puts double pressure on your employees.

That’s why, for business owners and managers, it comes of great importance to find out a cost-effective and highly efficient customer support solution for both low and high demand seasons. In this article, we will discuss how seasonal businesses can scale customer support up and down successfully and deliver first-class, customer-friendly services that result in high customer satisfaction rates and loyalty, no matter if it’s New Year’s Eve or the first day of summer coming.

Customer support

How to Prepare Support Solutions for Peak Season

The main advantage of any seasonal business is that you know when the high demand season is going to start and end. Therefore, you can plan your operations accordingly. These tips will help to prepare a customer support solution for peak seasons and ensure its top-notch performance:

1.Plan ahead

A low season is a great opportunity to review and analyze your teams’ performances during the previous peak season. It would be great to recap the following:

  • What were the complaints we received? Were there some repeating ones?
  • Were there any orders shipped late, and why?
  • Were there any website bugs, and were they resolved properly?
  • How can we use customer feedback and our notes to be better in the upcoming season?

2. Get things organized

Before stepping into a high demand season, it’s important to review and re-organize email and chat templates, call scripts, and FAQs on the website. Remove irrelevant content and provide the most up-to-date information both to support members and customers.

support outsourcing calculation

3. Add and manage multichannel support

In our face-pasted world, we are speaking of seconds, not minutes. Thus, customer support needs to ensure the quickest response time on any communication channel convenient for the target auditory.

It should be easy for customers to reach you from anywhere at any time. Therefore, it’s crucial not only to manage emails and call centers but add a live chat widget on the company’s website and create a chatbot that will reply to most popular user inquiries almost instantly.

Social media has great power nowadays, and a strong online presence on Facebook and Instagram will add a seasonal business some vital points in the eyes of the customers. Be where your target audience looks for such goods and services in the given period.

4. Think about hiring needs in advance

If you hire seasonal workers, make sure that employees understand short-term position specifics. If it’s possible, cross-train seasonal employees so that they can fill a vacant position in another department (sales, accounting) after the high demand period ends. 

However, the easiest way to manage customer support scalability is to delegate this task to a reliable support services provider. Thus, scalability and the need for human resources will not be an issue for you anymore.

When it comes to customer support outsourcing, there are usually three main options to choose from: a shared, semi-dedicated, and dedicated team. Although all three models and highly scalable, there’s a difference. So, which one to choose?

  • A shared team

A shared team usually works on a number of projects at ones, meaning allocates adequate resources for different businesses. It is the cheapest option among the three and will work great for a seasonal company with a considerably low number of requests.

  • A semi-dedicated team

A semi-dedicated team works on 2-3 projects at the same time only. It allows for more time and dedication for your customer requests, higher response time, and a more proactive approach.

  • A dedicated team

A dedicated team works on your company’s request only. It is a fully remote support team that dedicates all its working time and resources to your business needs. It results in the highest response and resolution time, as well as the highest customer satisfaction rates. Notably, outsourcing even a dedicated support team is much more affordable than keeping an in-house one and hiring seasonal workers on site.

Final Remarks

A seasonal business comes with many challenges and depends on the right timing and resources a lot. By taking care of human resources, customer support, in particular, a company can not only deal with a peak season effectively but gain a number of repeat purchases and loyal customers.

If you need to build a scalable support solution or seek a way to enlarge your existing customer support team, we at Wow24-7 are experts at delivering top-notch scalable services. Check out our shared and dedicated team bundles or schedule a call with our representative to get a problem-solving solution for your unique business needs!

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