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Customer Experience: A Driver for Growth in the SaaS Industry

Byline: This article is based on an interview with Harini Gokul, the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of Entrust

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In this article, Harini Gokul, Entrust’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO), discusses customer experience and care’s role in driving organizational growth. She talks about how the current business landscape, with its abundance of choices and cost constraints, has made it crucial for companies to focus on delivering value to customers.

Harini emphasizes the importance of customer experience as a growth accelerator and highlights the need for seamless collaboration across functions to deliver customer value. The conversation sheds light on the evolving role of contact centers and customer engagement in the age of SaaS and consumption-based business models.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer experience and customer care should be viewed as mechanisms for growth rather than just support functions.
  • In a world with numerous choices and cost constraints, delivering value to customers is essential for retention and growth.
  • Retaining a customer is more cost-effective than acquiring a new one, making customer retention a priority.
  • Collaboration and intelligence sharing across functions are crucial for delivering value and enhancing the customer experience.
  • The shift to SaaS and consumption-based business models has increased the focus on customer experience to deliver value.


Organizations constantly seek ways to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve. Traditionally, discussions around growth strategies in the C-suite have focused on product development, market trends, and competitive analysis. However, Harini Gokul, Entrust’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO), highlights a crucial element often overlooked: customer experience.

Gokul emphasizes that loyalty is not guaranteed in a world where customers have many choices. Whether choosing between Netflix and Amazon for entertainment or selecting a B2B enterprise solution, customers are driven by the value they receive from a product or service. This shift in customer expectations has significant implications for organizations, as the cost of acquiring new customers far exceeds the cost of retaining existing ones.

The Value of Customer Retention

Retaining customers is not just about maintaining a steady revenue stream; it is a growth strategy. Harini points out that organizations must focus on consistently delivering value to their customers. When customers perceive value in the products or services they receive, they are more likely to remain loyal and continue their relationship with the company.

Her insights align with research that shows the importance of customer retention. According to a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to a 25% to 95% increase in profits. This highlights the significant impact that customer experience can have on an organization’s bottom line.

The Role of Customer Experience in a SaaS World

The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and consumption-based business models has further amplified the importance of customer experience. In a SaaS environment, customers pay for the value they receive from a product or service rather than making a one-time purchase. This shift in the business landscape has made customer experience a critical differentiator.

Harini explains that customers no longer view different points of engagement, such as the contact center, customer success managers, or salespeople, as separate entities. Instead, they see them as part of a unified organization. This means that every interaction a customer has with a company contributes to their overall perception of value. Therefore, organizations must work seamlessly across functions to share intelligence and insights, ensuring a consistent and valuable customer experience.

Implications for Organizations

Harini’s insights offer valuable implications for organizations seeking to enhance growth through customer experience.

Firstly, organizations must adopt a holistic approach to customer experience, breaking down departmental silos and fostering collaboration. By sharing intelligence and insights across functions, every customer touchpoint can contribute to their overall perception of value.

Secondly, prioritizing customer success is paramount. This entails providing excellent service and proactively helping customers achieve their desired outcomes. Investment in customer success teams and programs cultivates long-term relationships and boosts retention rates.

Lastly, leveraging technology is crucial for delivering personalized experiences. Utilizing CRM systems, AI, and data analytics provides insights into customer behavior, allowing for tailored interactions. These customized experiences drive customer loyalty and satisfaction, ultimately enhancing growth.


Harini Gokul illuminates the often-overlooked role of customer experience in driving growth. In a world where customers have abundant choices, organizations must prioritize delivering value to retain their customer base. The shift to a SaaS and consumption-based business model has further emphasized the importance of customer experience as a growth accelerator. By adopting a holistic approach, investing in customer success, and leveraging technology, organizations can create a competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth through exceptional customer experiences.

Remember, in today’s business landscape, customer experience is not just a cost center; it is a growth strategy.

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