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Customer support outsourcing is not risky: ruining the stereotypes

Companies have several ways to set up proper communication with customers increasing overall brand credibility. However, dynamic conditions and the global leadership race make managers think about outsourcing customer support. As Brian Tracy said, “delegate and supervise.” 

Why not? Customer service outsourcing provides a wide range of business benefits, such as flexibility, better performance, focus on first-priority tasks, and proper attitude to all team members. Enterprises prefer it to create well-designed and optimized business processes during the digital transformation. Following the latest Technavio research, the technical support outsourcing market is predicted to grow by $ 13.99 billion from 2021 to 2026. The same applies to other industries, like SaaS customer support outsourcing or eCommerce one. Meanwhile, some business leaders still hesitate to try this approach considering stereotypes of customer service. 

Our aim here is to show you that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Probably all you know about customer support outsourcing is not relevant anymore. Scroll down to discover what the core risks of outsourcing are and how you can eliminate them with reliable dedicated customer service.

Myth busters: Why you should not be afraid of outsourcing customer support 

For some reason, choosing between outsourcing benefits and risks, companies used to focus on risks and bury the idea without validation. We collected 4 core stereotypes accompanying outsourcing customer support service to prove that you can cope with each issue effortlessly. Or maybe someone did it for you earlier? 

1. Data protection issues

What’s the first thing that comes to mind regarding customer support outsourcing? – You will have to share your corporate information with a third party. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg since the main danger is sensitive data from your clients. Lots of businesses were damaged because of breaching CCPA, GDPR, and other data protection acts. Nobody wants to be the next. Therefore companies avoid an outsourcing customer support approach. 

No worries. This case was relevant a few years ago, but the paradigm is changed today. Now, all reputable outsourcing service providers work following data protection legislation. For example, WOW24-7 strictly complies with ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements. It guarantees our customers that all the data our agents process are safe. So, one of outsourcing customer service risks is eliminated, isn’t it?

customer service risks

2. Challenging onboarding process

All partners we’re working with feel the onboarding process of the in-house customer support team is time-consuming. Business leaders should select agents with a solid background and then – explain the peculiarities of their offering. Anyway, it seems easier to manage on-site than delegate this process to others. Companies always want to be on the same page with their hired talents. So, when the third party comes – it might be complicated to align the process. 

Meanwhile, it’s not actually a challenge anymore. 

We’re all used to the new normal and work from home – it was the first step toward proper management. 

Moreover, the assistance of an outsourcing customer service provider will allow you to involve more talents from different locations, which means using various valuable approaches for your clients. 

And last but not least – customer service providers handle training processes daily. They apply relevant techniques and can process a massive scope of information to hook and explain the essence. 

As WOW24-7 practice shows, the involvement of an outsourcing customer service provider can cut training time in half when saving the efficiency of onboarding. 

3. High costs

We’re used to thinking that the process requiring step-by-step investment is less costly than a service needing one payment. But let’s calculate. Imagine you need to involve recruiters to select agents, organize proper training for the in-house customer support team, and maintain all the processes & employee engagement. Each step requires effort and investment. Meanwhile, involving a third party, you can entrust the creation of infrastructure and supporting a team, paying a reasonable price for it. The economy is visible.

4. Communicating with multinational clients

The problem of the language barrier is always relevant. Company representatives do not have extra time to train new agents in the work process. It raises several questions to which there are few answers. For example, how can we find staff who speak five languages at once, or is there such a problem?

For the services provided to be high, you need to understand the culture and language of the target audience of the customer of the outsourcing support company. Our team allows feeling what customers trust not in words but in practice. Therefore, a comprehensive study of behavior, habits, thinking, and cultural components get as close as possible to customer satisfaction.

Finally, you can see a simple thought. If you hire an outsourced company specializing in support, you will get the best result from experts. There is no customer service risk management because of the vast experience behind the back.

stereotypes of customer service

Wrap up

The essence of good traffic in business processes is the ability to delegate and not be afraid of it. Here you can find risks of outsourcing customer service as everywhere. But if you consider this approach, you can see that you can still keep them to a minimum. In this article, we have explained principles that can help you. Now your primary goal is to move from theory to practice.

If you’re looking for an experienced outsourcing customer support provider –  book a call with our team to discover how WOW24-7 can help you eliminate the above risks.

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