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Wow 24-7 call center:
24/7/365 Emergency hotline;
Scalable services for high and low seasons
L1 and L2 support;
Free hiring and managing of your support team;
Cost-saving. Up to $50k/year per agent!
Quality Assurance.
Constant update of your FAQs and knowledge base by your support team;

Customer Support Expertise

Looking for ways to give your business a competitive edge? Our call center outsourcing services will assist you in that. WOW24-7 inbound and outbound solutions can transform your business processes and help you gain more profit. A 24/7 contact center like WOW24-7 can become your reliable assistant in dealing with new and returning customers. It’s no secret that delegating your responsibilities is a key to reducing pressure at the workplace. Outsourcing is exactly that. Outsource to WOW24-7 and let us take care of your customers.
Great business owners understand that building customer relations is fundamental for company development and growing an income. Our call center as a service offers effective solutions on how to handle all your customers’ inquiries and demands.
Case Studies
Shared English Bundles per one Project
Dixa Case Study: 24/7 Customer Support Coverage for a SaaS Company
About Dixa Dixa is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company based on a passionate idea of completely changing the way that customers interact with brands. Main Challenge Dixa’s representatives were looking for a way to be available…
Learning Tribes Case Study: Cost-Beneficial 24/7 Support
About Learning Tribes Learning Tribes is a global company that offers digital learning solutions to individuals and businesses all over the world. Learning Tribes provides face-to-face, digital, and blended learning courses customized to each client’s strategic goals and business requirements. Main Challenge The…

We Offer Diverse Call Center Solutions

We belong to the top call center outsourcing companies due to our extensive experience in inbound call center solutions. Here’s a list of outsourcing contact center trends our clients appreciate the most:
Inbound calls
After hours call center services
Cross-selling and upselling
Virtual call center software
Feedback calls
Inbound call center campaigns

Why Choose Wow24-7 Call Center Outsourcing?

Our outsourcing company consists of a team of professional call agents that provide live receptionist service among other solutions. We have started our call center from zero and were able to develop it into a large-scale outsourcing agency. Best of all, we offer affordable call center services and scalability and flexibility along it.
At WOW 24-7 we care about our clients and their customers. Our customized solutions and individual approach make your customers feel respected and taken care of. That’s why outsourcing your contact center needs to us would be a viable and beneficial business decision.
Our 24/7 service guarantees that your customers get a quick response at any time of day and night. That’s a staple feature to have as customers expect brands to be available in an instant all the time.
Why Choose Us
When support is good, clients say “thanks”. When it’s stellar, they go “WOW”
Flexible pricing
Sensitive to any specific business needs. You pay just for what you use.
Scaled by season
You can vary your budget, depending on your season’s performance.
24/7 schedule
Our agents and management teams are available day and night to support your clients.
Every issue counts
All the clients’ requests are of our highest importance.
We care about leaving only the best impressions during every interaction.
Learning & improving
Agents constantly improve their skills and keep up-to-date with your products.
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Call center outsourcing services: How we work

By choosing WOW24-7 call center outsourcing services you take the first step towards increasing your customer satisfaction. This, in its turn, leads to increased sales. Therefore, outsourcing a call center to a professional and experienced provider is a big step towards gaining more profit.

Have you thought about implementing outsourced call center solutions into your business? It is very cost-effective. Affordable call center services is why clients turn to us. But that is not the only reason to outsource to a call center company.

Outsourcing agencies like Wow24-7 recruit experts with specialized industry knowledge and experience. Call center as a service allows for delegating duties of customer support to outsourced specialists, which is easier than managing in-house teams, especially when you need large groups of call agents. The question is which provider to choose. Our strong sense of identification with clients’ needs is one of our strongest qualities.

Outsource, improve, wow. That’s our game plan.
With WOW24-7, the outsourcing process is quick, individual, and result-oriented.
Operating meticulous analysis of your clientele needs
Creating knowledge base, FAQ, call scripts
Team training
Providing experienced and devoted agents
Combining support solutions with your existing business processes
Go live
Quick start and forward-thinking alongside

Key benefits of outsourcing to our call center

Organizations choose us because we provide them with many benefits such as the following:
Many organizations choose us because we provide them with these benefits of outsourcing call centers:

Many outsourced call center companies develop a standard set of solutions that fit all companies. We, on the other hand, find a unique approach that suits each individual organization. At the start of our cooperation, we’ll assign call agents that will identify the aspects of your business. Based on that information, we will develop a customized plan for our cooperation. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your communication with clients, outsource to us and forget about the pains of customer support management.

WOW24-7 recruits experts with specialized industry knowledge and experience. We will minimize your company’s daily workload by taking over your customer care operations. In addition, delegating duties of the call center to our outsourced phone support means reduced cost per call and generally fewer expenses.

Recorded interactions;
Customized service cost based on an individual case;
Working in real-time;
No entry fees;
Customized metrics;
Scalable and high-quality support;
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Book a conversation with the business development department. Discuss your project details. We will help you to find the best solution for your business needs.

About Call Center Services – How Call Center Outsourcing Helps Your Business

Do you have doubts about whether outsourcing your customer service would be good for your business? If your answer is yes then let us help you understand what call center services can do for your company and what benefits they offer.

At WOW24-7, we use the latest technology and best talents to provide call center services to our clients. Having years of experience in communicating and navigating customers’ problems we offer high-quality client care with proven solutions and viable resources. Here is what our call center services include:

  • Level 1-3 technical support

    Depending on the complexity of your customers’ issues, we can provide an appropriate level of call center support that would handle specific problems with a service or product. Our Level 1 tech support offers basic help desk resolution by attending to customer inquiries across multiple channels and utilizing troubleshooting methods. Our Level 2 tech support is a more in-depth service that focuses on more complicated and advanced issues.

    Level 3 tech support deals with the most difficult problems. Other names for this kind of support are back-end support, high-end support and others. Our Tier 3 technicians are highly skilled product experts that provide assistance to L1 and L2 specialists. Their responsibilities include identifying a problem and defining root causes using advanced tools and specific methods. They also make sure that the time spent on resolving issues is used sufficiently so that clients don’t wait longer than they should.

  • 24/7 support

    Our call center services provide a full range of support by managing customer queries 24/7. This is an important aspect because today, it is absolutely essential for a brand to be available to its users 24/7. At WOW24-7, we guarantee that your customer inquiries will be taken care of as soon as they come in.

  • Lead qualification

    Defining whether a potential customer is qualified to purchase your product or service is a difficult and time-consuming task but is a very important one. Our agents do a thorough job verifying prospective customers by using assessing principles like evaluating customers’ financial abilities, the extent of their needs in your services, their willingness to purchase such services and more. The lead qualification will prevent you from wasting time and money on people who won’t become your customers and help you to develop a communication strategy that appeals to leads that are more likely to convert to clients.

  • Bilingual call center

    Fulfilling every client’s need is virtually impossible. But hiring a bilingual call center will get you closer to it. Our customer support in different languages gives you an opportunity to offer a more sophisticated level of service to your customers.

Our Call Center Solutions

WOW24-7 call center services present a unique opportunity for businesses to upgrade their customer support and provide their clients with top-level care. To maintain a high-quality service and stay on top of what we do we offer a full range of customer support solutions such as:

  • Omnichannel Support
  • Multilingual Call Center
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center
  • SaaS Support
  • Outsourced IT Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Tech Support
  • E-commerce Support

Satisfying customers, especially if they are scattered all over the world, is a hard and yet important task. Outsourcing it to the WOW24-7 call center would ensure consistent and uninterrupted support, which is ultimately key to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Clients come to us with certain expectations and needs that require a specific approach. That’s why we combine general solution concepts with a customized approach tailored specifically to each customers’ need.

WOW24-7 Outbound Call Center Services – Your New Call Center as a Service!

Our outbound call center solutions help businesses to be more effective in their sales processes. Deciding to utilize the WOW24-7 outbound sales call center in your business procedures can empower your sales team with many tools and benefits. Here is what you typically get with such services:

  • Appointment scheduling

    Our agents engage with potential clients at the early stages of a sales cycle making sure to connect your sales reps with only qualified leads.

  • Lead generation

    We find your target customers and develop sales pipelines for you.

  • Customer feedback and market research

    Customer feedback is essential for keeping your service or product great. We survey your customers to collect all the necessary information for keeping your service business-focused.

  • Telemarketing, telesales and upsells

    WOW24-7 agents reach out to your potential or existing customers via phone to generate interest in buying your product or upgrading their contract.