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Wow24-7 receives Clutch leader award for top Ukrainian IT & business services providers

“Clutch has had an incredible influence on our business. We’re so thankful for this award and can’t wait to keep growing with Clutch!” – Maya Momotok, CEO at Wow24-7

According to Clutch, a globally-recognized B2B market research firm, our cost-effective solutions set us apart from our competitors. We’re thrilled announce that we’ve been named a top IT & Business services provider on their annual report of
Ukrainian B2B firms.

Becoming a leader in our industry was not an easy journey. Since our inception, our team has gone above and beyond to deliver the highest quality of customer care. We’re confident in our ability to provide timely solutions for organizations of any size, in any industry.

“How can you be so sure of your abilities?”, you might ask. Just check out our Clutch profile and see for yourself! Clutch collects data on all kinds of service providers to identify which firms truly deliver on their promises. Most of their research is centered around the in-depth client reviews that they acquire.

To augment the information provided on their ratings and reviews platform, Clutch owns and operates two other B2B research sites — Visual Objects and The Manifest. Visual Objects is a digital portfolio that showcases work from top creative and technical firms. One can even find work from Ukraine agencies on the platform!

The Manifest, on the other hand, is more of a content-focused business resource. The site contains directories of leading B2B firms based on specific geographies and service lines.

We’re currently highlighted on The Manifest as one of the top 50 call center providers in the world!

It’s worth noting that our amazing clients are to thank for this incredible award. We would never have reached such an incredible milestone without their support.

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