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Tips on how to manage a customer service team

All companies strive to improve employee productivity. It has always been a primary goal for any business that wants to grow, as productivity is closely related to corporate earnings. 9 of 10 US consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience that fully lies in customer support productivity.

A heavy percentage of clients refuse to deal with the company just because of bad customer support experience. 80% of companies think they deliver best support practices, but only 8% of their customers think the same. Customers are the lifeblood of every company. Your client is your future revenue and feedback on your services.

If you’re an owner of an outsource customer service, perhaps you’ve questioned how to build a customer service team that excels and to reduce the level of stress. It’s not a secret that the stressed-out support team comes to naught except decreased customer satisfaction and, as a result, damaged brand image.

So, how to manage a customer service team? What steps should you take to improve the efficiency of your customer support and put your staff in a more productive mindset?

7 Tips on managing a team and creating the best customer service management

Respect every member of your team

Learn to treat all members of your team with respect. Your staff will always be productive in this atmosphere, and your customers will be satisfied.
You’ll be surprised, but respect can become a powerful motivator. Social ladders build walls between coworkers. Employees and their positions are considered as less or more important. But when people feel unrespected, they’ll hardly go the extra mile to help a company succeed. 

Give constructive feedback on a regular basis

Managing a call center team in a manner that encourages employees is a fundamental skill for every successful manager. Your feedback and comments shouldn’t always be positive, but your communication with employees must be done intelligently, whether you want to encourage them for a well-done job or ask for corrections.

Provide employees with proper training

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”Helen Keller 

Professional CEOs and Founders always make big efforts in the team-building process. Development and improving communication with clients can be and must be done with the help of professional customer support management.

Be sure managers and agents at all levels of an organization get adequate training. Invest in leadership training as well as focus on training for middle managers and agents. A business must have employees who feel confident and competent to use their skills and independently find effective solutions. 

Encourage every performance of your team

Successful customer service is successful inside. Despite the previous advice, you have no time to mentor and coach every team member.
“Management takes little effort in creating a good atmosphere inside the customer relations department”, – Andrii Fishman, CTO at WOW24-7. – “The only and good way to make your team hard-working, fruitful and profitable is to encourage their positive performance. In WOW24-7, we make weekly reports about our support work quality. We tell them how valuable they are because hearing that you are doing a good job does wonder the general mood inside the company”.

Simplify customer service and dispose of bureaucracy

Bureaucracy brings many troubles into businesses. By simplifying processes and removing unnecessary procedures, you make company-client cooperation quicker and more effective. When support representatives are trained to look simpler at each request, managing a customer service team will be more rewarding for both parties.

Create strong team spirit

Happy agents truly mean satisfied customers. Find a manager who has a positive attitude and can lift the team spirit. Remove the pressure of tight deadlines and let your employees feel that work is a pleasure. Indeed, it’s a real pleasure to help people solve their problems and serve them in the best possible way. 

Build a positive atmosphere in your office

The more fun your staff has, the better results will come. The more relaxed your employees are, the better performance they’ll show without creating stress. Besides, the positive atmosphere and good impression from your support will keep customers satisfied.
Managing a team to inspire employees to work more productively isn’t an easy task to cope with. On the flip side, it’s real happiness to see your staff and clients satisfied. 
The best customer support combines professional customer service, customer support team manager, and customer success. Being good support is not the easiest thing, but now you know how to make your team more productive.
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