Interview with HMD Clinical About Customer Support Service
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Q&A with a client: HMD Clinical about customer support service

Stuart Henderson is a Quality Manager of HMD Clinical. The company provides a technology outsourcing service designed to accommodate clinical trials with effective database and management solutions. The platform supports the storage of validated visit modules, web reports, randomization schemas, supply algorithms, administrative functions, and messages. 

WOW24-7 provides HMD Clinical with 24/7 customer support, taking care of their clients from all around the world. In this interview, Stuart shares his company’s experience working with us and the impact our collaboration had on its business. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about HMD Clinical.

A: We are an IRT provider. So what that means is that we provide an interactive response technology specifically to the clinical research industry. This includes developing and supporting innovative clinical trial control, data capture and management software. 

Q: What tools and strategies do you use to facilitate clinical trial processes?

A: We develop our own tools, specifically, our own system which is 100 percent customizable. What we do with every customer is we meet with them at the very start and get requirements from them. And after that, we develop a system based on what they want. Instead of using multiple siloed applications for storing the information, we build the system into a single process-centric database. We operate on a SaaS model that allows our clients to access applications through a phone or a web browser.

Q: For what purpose did you hire WOW 24-7?

A: Before we worked with WOW24-7 we used to just handle all of the contact ourselves. Because we have clients in the U.S., Subsaharan Africa and the Asian Pacific region, it was just impossible for us to stay on top of it. We looked up different companies and realized that it’s really hard to find an agency that could do phone calls, Zendesk chats, emails, etc. WOW24-7 came out to the top because you offered customer support across multiple channels. 

The people who use our system basically work in hospitals, so as they needed to get in touch with us, it could be all around the world and at different times. That is why we wanted to get in touch with WOW24-7 in the first place because you are able to provide that first line support service to our customers.

Q: Why did you choose WOW 24-7 as your support outsourcing partner?

A: The main reason was that you offered the best service. But also, we went to visit 3 different companies including WOW24-7. And we just got a really good feel for the business from you guys. For example, we loved the fact that a project manager actually works on the project. So he knows all the problems and gives feedback. Moreover, we liked the fact that we could talk to your agents at any time using Slack. It’s a great way of communication between the teams. So that was why we chose you.

Q: In your opinion, how customer experience impacts the success of a business?

A: Customer experience is everything for us. Our clients use our complex system for their clinical trials. Very occasionally there are times when people can’t work out what they are supposed to do. So they need assistance to able to use the system. And it’s really hard with customers being based all around the world to give them that support. So it is very important for us to be able to provide 24/7 client care. 

Q: Based on your experience, do you think it’s a good idea to outsource a customer support service and why?

A: I think it depends on the size of the company. But for us, it’s been the best thing we’ve done. Because we are a small company, we don’t have the need for employees working for us 24/7 when there are only two or few calls coming through a week. So outsourcing to WOW24-7 is the best option for us. The service has been fabulous, we have no problem with it whatsoever. 

Q: In what ways did WOW 24-7 help you improve your business?

A: You guys suggested doing calls from us and that turned out to work brilliantly for us. Also, you introduced us to Slack which turned out to be such a convenient tool. We use it for all our calls and internal communications. There has been such a positive influence that WOW24-7 had on our business. 

Q: What do you like the most about working with WOW 24-7?

A: A few years ago we used a different call center. And they had 30 or 35 people to answer the calls. So their service was rubbish because it was really hard for us to know who was answering the calls, who had been trained, etc. And that doesn’t seem to be the case with WOW24-7. You have a very stable and dedicated team. The agents have been really good to communicate with. If they have a question or a problem they’d just reach us on Slack and address it. So it’s been brilliant. You definitely exceeded our expectations. 

Q: Are there any areas for improvement?

A: I can’t think of any. You guys were right to begin with. One thing was that I felt like you didn’t ask enough questions. If there was a complicated call it almost felt like you were reluctant to ask us for help because you didn’t want to bother us. And I remember we had a call with one of your employees and we said to him if you have any questions just jump on Slack and ask us. And since then it’s been brilliant. What you have done was always the right thing. And even when someone was dealing with something we didn’t think you’d be able to answer, you have actually found the right answer. 

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