Outsourcing Customer Services: Advantages and Disadvantages of CRM
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Pros and cons of CRM outsourcing customer services for your company

Pros and cons of CRM outsourcing customer services for your company

What does CRM stand for in business? It is a strategy used to find out more about the needs of business clients and their behaviors to develop and support stronger relationships with them.

  • The global usage of this approach has grown from 56% to almost 75%.
  • Around 90% of all businesses with 11+ employees deal with this type of management.
  • 74% of them admit the vital role of CRM software in their work.

A customer is always the heart, but many companies set their priorities in the wrong way. Sometimes, hiring outsourced customer support may solve issues with costs and resources to improve CRM. 

The goal of this article is to list the CRM advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing it, you can decide whether you would benefit from this practice or not.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CRM For Your Business?

Let’s start by listing 7 customer relationship management advantages.

1. Auto data entry

CRM outsourcing solutions include automatic data entry. Entering manually big amounts of data can be both time-consuming and tiring. One that can be delegated to outsourced staff ⎼ a great variety of top-of-field CRMs developed from existing on the web today. 

2. Increased profitability

CRM costs money. If you outsource CRM to specialists, you save money on labor and resources. Equipment and tools become the responsibility of the chosen outsourcing agency. According to the official statistics, a company gains something around $5-6 RoI for each dollar invested in this type of management.

3. Hurray for automation

Almost every secondary task and some core activities can be automated. For example, one can log phone calls, save message templates, respond to emails, schedule meetings and special events, and do more automatically. What is more important, the team can auto-prioritize leads.

4. Opportunity to scale

The fact remains the same: CRM is scalable and increases along with business development. The customer base keeps on expanding when implementing CRM. While in the game, this approach allows for adding new users/customers and opportunities.

5. Improved collaboration

Now, it is way simpler to keep in touch and up-to-date with everything happening in your company. Moreover, businesses may save various marketing data in a single library. It enables sales through quality content.

6. Effective dashboard streamlines sales

CRM helps to organize and monitor the order in which data shows up. The system will prioritize the information necessary for your business. It will point to the role of the sales representative in processing that data. CRM makes many assignments simpler and quicker to accomplish, thanks to reports, dashboards, and more. Consequently, it assists both sales reps and managers.

7. The faster conversion process

Nowadays, most clients prefer gathering as much information as possible about the company before becoming its customer. CRM simplifies the process of such research. As a result, a client already possesses 90% of the necessary info to make a positive or negative final decision.

Cons Of Implementing CRM Solutions

The importance of CRM in sales has no doubt, but there are 3 disadvantages of CRM a business should realize before selecting the right approach and implementing it.

1. Replaces the human element

As the activities become automatic, the demand for human labor goes down. It is bad for overall economics, but it is good for the company itself. Besides, people are still needed to manage the data. The lack of personalized help might be a problem, though.

2. Tech support dominates

Obtaining third-party support may come at a higher price than you’ve expected. Some businesses ignore the ongoing support expenses, but such investments are covered pretty fast.

3. Security problems

The info stored at a centralized location may create a certain risk for a company. If you deal with an outsourced company, it will guarantee encryption safeguards and take care of safety.

Top CRM Systems For Customer Support

You can choose one of the top-preferred outsourcing customer services or set up a CRM app to better deal with your sales and client service. We have analyzed some of them and created a list of the best CRM for customer support. Here is what you should try as an entrepreneur!

Hubspot: CRM for SupportNo. 1 in the Market

Hubspot is well-known as inbound marketing, sales, and service software developer. The team created a free solution for the sales teams and client support representatives that makes it possible to use the workflow without many changes.

  • It helps to get started fast and easily.
  • It maximizes the efficiency of the customer relationship management system. 
  • It is entirely free of charge, so there is nothing you risk losing.
  • It is connected with numerous places for the sales processes (social media platforms, phones, etc.).

It is definitely one of the top outsourcing CRM solutions that focus on core business activities.

Insightly: The Best CRM for Small Business

Starting at $29 per month, you can enjoy Insightly, one of the leading CRM tools for startups and small businesses.

  • It boasts a simple-to-navigate interface.
  • It enables customization and integration with multiple platforms and applications.
  • It can do management, control, and data tracking.

The only gap today is the absence of the dashboard, but you can use other applications to have one.

PipeDrive to Lead Customer Relationships

Both software developers and experienced salespeople contributed to creating the PipeDrive solution. The application is perfect for CRM system development and lead generation.

  • It assists in organizing leads to make you see and fully control sales. 
  • It is easy to download, install, and use.
  • It provides a fully optimized mobile version that integrates with Google Apps, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar.
  • It gives 30-day usage free of charge to check all the features.

With this software in your arsenal, you can easily detect prospective leads and priority deals. The main features of PipeDrive include:

  • Lead relationships maintenance.
  • Negotiation of attractive deals.
  • Brand promotion.
  • Ability to switch on/off modules per your needs.

The application does not harm the service quality, so you should try it when selecting tools and the best CRM for SAAS companies.

Agile CRM: Excellent for Small Teams

If your business team consists of no more than 10 employees, you may benefit from using Agile for free. The starter package comes at $14.99 per user monthly if you have more people on the team.

This CRM suits for supports widgets, API-based integrations, a library of plugins, etc. However, a free version has limited access to exciting features like custom appointments, reports to be sent via email, and drag-and-drop auto-marketing.

TeamGate for Dedicated Teams of Enthusiasts

Small and medium-sized companies will significantly benefit from TeamGate if involved in the B2B model.

The software serves just as you would hire an outsourced customer service CRM and sales team: it covers lead and sales management features. Using intuitive evaluation, one can track personal performance and generate clear and simple predictions. 

You can easily integrate TeamGate with them:

  • Zendesk
  • MailChimp
  • Xero
  • Zapier

From client support to email marketing and finances & accounting, the tool offers multiple solutions for these branches. Online training is available for everyone involved in TeamGate.

FreshSales for Gurus of Sales and Marketing

FresSales developers created a solution helping to reach out to your leads by developing powerful call-to-actions (CTAs) and full context about your target audience. The app effectively sets priorities for leads based on their ranking.

With it, you will define the sales-ready clients and those who are still hesitating. The application will help to identify those reasons and offer solutions.

The software will assign the leads to the right person in a team based on the location to avoid wasting your time. You can set up reminders via email to manage your assignments, events, and meetings effectively.

How To Choose The Best Outsourced CRM For Small Businesses?

It must be your experience and final choice for the best CRM. If you pay the outsourcing agency to create a team of CRM experts for you, you automatically avoid most of the cons mentioned above and benefit greatly from the pros. Contact our live chat support service if you have a business that needs support and high-quality maintenance.

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