New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!
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New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine! Ukraine is hard to ignore when it comes to outsourcing. Seven years ago, it crowded the top of the list of the best outsourcing countries for software development. But is the situation still the same? Does outsourcing in Ukraine remain professional and affordable? In fact, the fast growth of this industry is one of the major achievements of the country for the past few years. In spite of economic difficulties, the rapidly-growing outsourcing market keeps looking for the new ways of international cooperation. Currently, Ukraine has established the position of the most popular outsourcing country for American and European businesses. And it looks like this segment is going to increase a potential for development in the years to come. According to DOU, one of the most popular online tech journals in Ukraine, the biggest IT companies in the country specialize in outsourcing. There are the companies like Luxoft, Ciklum, GlobalLogic, SoftServe, and EPAM. Statistics prepared by Ukranian Digital News shows that the leading importer of IT services produced in Ukraine is the US. They are buying more than 80% of Ukrainian tech exports. What is more, Ukraine has the largest IT labor supply in Europe. Let’s see why cooperation with Ukrainian specialist is a wise decision. New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine! New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

5 reasons why you should consider Ukraine as an outsourcing partner

Talented experts

Ukraine offers skilled and experienced professionals with a strong background. In 2014, the country was at the 4th place worldwide by the number of certified IT experts. Many of them have proven their proficiency and high level of qualification on the international competitions. By the end of 2015, the number of specialists in information technology sector has increased by 20%. And this field continues to multiply. Each large city has tech universities with strong theoretical and practical foundation. What is more important, the most of the efficiently-run companies have developed own education programs for programmers, designers, developers, quality engineers and other related careers to prepare trained workforce and motivate young specialists to develop their skills. New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

Perfect English as an essential part of a business

Nowadays, becoming a well-known specialist without a decent level of English is impossible. Due to this, Ukrainian professionals do their best to improve their English skills and match this requirement. It’s not a secret that many outsourcing companies work with qualified teachers or local language schools to help staff members polish their English.

Convenient time zone and geographical location

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. It’s located in the Eastern Europe which means that only a few hours of flight separate it from any other European country. Due to this, Ukrainian time zone (GMT +2) is convenient for successful business communication with companies from Europe, as their labor hours will be almost identical with the remote staff from Ukraine. Even for entrepreneurs from the United States, it’s still easier and more productive to cooperate with Ukrainian team than to outsource to India or China.

Reasonable prices and taxes

It’s wrong to consider Ukrainian experts as a low-cost force because the country is at the 4th place among countries with the lowest cost of living. In fact, the cost of labor was the cheapest ten years ago. But today, with the global changes of the market, specialists strive to charge more. Despite these changes, overall prices are still much lower than salaries of the foreign colleagues. The statistic shows that outsourcing to Ukraine, corporations from the US and Europe are likely to save about 50% of the corporate expenses. So, companies have an opportunity to employ talented and willing team members paying less. New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

High-quality technical equipment

It’s not a secret that Ukrainian Internet connection is fast and, what is more important, much cheaper than in the main European countries. In the biggest cities, the 100Mbps connection costs approximately $5 per month. Convenient location and time zone, affordable prices and a lot of qualified professionals make Ukraine an excellent choice for outsourcing. As you can see, local companies offer one of the best business models for fruitful cooperation. While software development is the most popular area of outsourcing, outsourcing customer support is not the less important pathway. If you, as a business owner, are searching for an experienced company to outsource your customer support, feel free to contact WOW24-7. We develop effective strategies by providing various channels to cover the full range of customer needs. Besides, we always find unique solutions according to requirements of every particular client. Start cooperation with us, and see how beneficial it’s to outsource to Ukraine. New generation of outsourcing: Ukraine!

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