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How much do different call centers cost for outsourcing? Call center outsourcing cost comparison

Call Center Outsourcing Cost Comparison to Help You Pick the Best Service

Many businesses today choose to outsource call centers for several good reasons. They wish to cut costs this way as well as expand their team to serve clients better without any delays. The cost for call center outsourcing is way lower than of in-house staff.

WOW24-7 is one of those outsourcing agencies that make it possible to pay less for labor and serve clients faster and more effectively. The company became a hub for many corporate call centers and client care services. The question is how much a customer will have to pay to make a call. It is as important as how long should one hold on in a waiting line – in some cases, every minute counts. That is why WOW24-7 did its best to satisfy both its clients and clients of its clients.

Before we prove that WOW24-7 offers the most affordable prices, we should compare and contrast its pricing policy to other known outsourcing services. To have a clear, accurate call center outsourcing cost comparison and estimations, we have analyzed some of the top agencies offering such experts.

So, what is the cost of a call center outsourcing? In most cases, the average cost per call at a call center equals to $1 per minute. The price depends on various types of costs, such as indirect labor expenses.

We can estimate that a thousand calls lasting 5 minutes each will cost something around five thousand dollars. The amount of money you invest in outsourced call center impacts the fee per call/minute. That is why we should understand what influences that amount.

It is critical to understand that the call center agents should receive the proper training and knowledge about the product or service offered by the company. They should also speak several languages to serve customers from different regions. Sure, it is important to provide the team with the necessary equipment, tools, and some place to work.

Even if you hire outsourced specialists, the responsible company will have to take care of them. However, not all outsourcing agencies include those expenses at a cost per call. You can view more what WOW24-7 offers in terms of call center support, and it is time to focus more on call center outsourcing costs.

What to Look For in a Call Center

First of all, you need to decide on the basics. Do you need 24/7 customer support? Do you require bilingual specialists or need English language assistance only? Such factors influence the end costs a lot.

Before signing a contract, agree on the working hours, expected schedule and shifts, paid overwork, etc. It’s also great to discuss what a call center should do in case of unexpected situations, such as power outages, inclement weather, and so on. A professional services provider should always have a solution and a Plan B to such circumstances (power generations, back locations, etc.) Also, check with the company you are considering whether it offers a free trial to evaluate the quality of the call center services.

During the trial period, it would be a great move to call your call center as if you were a customer several times throughout the day to check the response time, the quality of assistance, and whether you had to wait on hold for too long. This will show how the services provider will serve your customers and, thus, whether it’s worth signing a contract with them or not.

Calculating Cost Per Call

Here are some simple steps on how to calculate an approximate cost per call in a call center:

  1. Create a numbered list of call center agents working for your business.
  2. Set up a timeframe for evaluating the cost per call. It can be either a day, a week, a month, or even a year. For instance, let’s proceed with the cost per call within an hour.
  3. Analyze the number of calls that each support agent handles within an hour. To find this out, you can check the number of calls performed by a particular agent in a week and divide it by the number of hours the agent has worked during the week.
  4. In the numbered list of support agents, under each agent’s name, note the number of calls they handle per week and the wages they earn.
  5. For one of the agents of your choice, take the number of calls they handle in an hour that you’ve calculated before. Let’s say, the support agent handles 400 calls per week, which translates into 80 calls per day and 10 calls per hour, respectively.
  6. Divide the support agent’s wage by the number of calls they perform in an hour. For instance, if the employee earns $20 per hour, you can divide it by 10 and get $2 per call. This will be the cost per call in an hour for the given customer support agent.
  7. To calculate the total cost per call within your call center, repeat the steps 5 and 6 and then divide the result by the average number of calls performed in the call center in an hour. Also, determine the average wage of a support agent in your call center. These numbers will give you a full figure of how much each call costs your business.

How Much Do Different Call Centers Cost for Outsourcing? Which Is the Best Option?

The next question is, “How much do different call centers cost for outsourcing and which service is the best to choose?” There are several factors to consider when estimating call center outsourcing costs.

  • Understanding an “agent hour”

When you choose outsourced staff, you pay just for productive agent time. There is no need to pay for breaks or training. A call center agent is usually productive for 80% or more of an hour.

  • Assuming a decrease in FTE

Companies like WOW24-7 possess enough expertise in predicting, recruiting, and managing for max efficiency. Experienced outsourcing agencies will provide their client businesses with the necessary technology, ongoing coaching and personnel retention, and utilization of shared pool options. That is how a decrease in FTE can be noticed. However, the quality of customer care service remains at a high level.

  • Realizing “All-In”

Most outsourcing agencies include project management and training expenses in agent hour/per minute rate. In most cases, on-going tech expenses are included. It is a perfect solution for businesses that wish to try new tech platforms as they mitigate risks then.

So, usually, the outsource call centers costs are way lower than the price of in-house experts. Not all outsourcing companies offer loyal prices, of course. If you wish a perfect price-to-quality balance, you should try services from WOW24-7. Their fees are way more affordable than those offered by most of their competitors.

Let’s take the average price range on the market first. If the number of client requests per month is up to 200, and the service should work 24/7/365 in English only, it would be the minimum price, which usually starts at $1,500 monthly.

If your business wishes to use phone channels in multiple languages for a longer date ASAP, it may cost up to $7,500-8,000. WOW24-7 promises lower fees meaning starting at less than $1,500. It is way less than many similar outsourcing companies offer. You save more than 30%! For more details, you should fill out the form suggested on this page and contact the company reps.

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