Artificial Intelligence & Robotics In The Contact Center
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How AI and Robotics Affect a Contact Center Operation

AI & Robotics technologies are popular among businesses regarding service provision and customer engagement. They also improve customer experience and assist in self-service. According to Harvard Business Review, 52% of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the Covid crisis, and 74% expect Robotics will help create new effective business models. These technologies are crucial for contact center operation as they can transform how customers interact with IVR  or assist agents with recommended responses and solutions to clients’ inquiries. Read on to discover the peculiarities, core benefits, software solutions and case studies of AI & Robotics in the contact center to determine the most effective usage for your business. 

How AI and Robotics Affect a Contact Center Operation

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence And Robotics In The Proper Contact Center Work

AI is a branch of technology described as software that focuses on developing programs mimicking human intelligence. For example, they can recognize speech, make predictions, and solve problems with minimal human intervention. 

Robotics is a type of technology that deals with physical robots. Robots are programmable machines that can do a series of actions independently or semi-independently. Telerobots, for example, are still fully controlled by humans but can interact with the physical world via sensors. 

How can AI improve customer service? One of the most visible uses of AI in customer service is chatbots. When customers choose online communication with the company, chatbots greet them and collect some background information. AI chatbots can solve simple issues, but for more complicated ones, they pass along the data to agents, making the transition as smooth as possible. AI also manages the intelligent routing of tickets matching a customer with the right agent based on personality and previous check-ups improving the customer experience significantly. Customer service robots are being programmed to work together with humans, do administrative tasks or interact with customers. They can also maintain backend processes, such as responding to analytical questions or supporting compliance requirements. This way, call center robotic automation tasks can be intervened with agents’ human interactions. 

Core Business Benefits Of AI & Robotics Usage In Contact Center 

Analyzing Customer Interactions

AI captures and analyzes customer interactions to improve the inquiry journey. AI and customer service software identifies key conversation themes and mood of communicators to get business insights. It helps uncover a company’s values and tone of voice to eliminate friction points during customer interaction. 

Providing an Automated Self-Service Experience

Customers often search for self-service software like an automated voice channel or a chatbot. When Robotics is in charge of self-service, customers can find answers independently and enjoy their contact center service experience. In addition, when they turn to live agents, AI passes all the previous information empowering professionals to help as quickly as possible. Thus, the agents can focus on customers who need human assistance to help with more complicated questions. 

Empowering Agents

Once a live agent starts a conversation with a customer, AI and Robotics provide automated guidelines by monitoring the talk and giving contextual information, statistics and next steps. In addition, AI can support both live calls and online chat interactions, enhancing the company’s digital business strategy. Robotics improves agent interactions by identifying areas of growth and giving actionable feedback. Thus, it activates the quality management process and improves customer service outsourcing

Preventing Fraud

Preventing fraud is one of the most useful benefits of AI in customer service. AI and Robotics can assist contact centers in identifying fraud with risk scoring and voice biometrics. In addition, smart technologies use self-service and real-time authentication to quickly direct customers to the appropriate channel and verify their identities.

How AI and Robotics Affect a Contact Center Operation

What Software Solutions Businesses Can Use To Get The Most Out Of AI & Robotics


Amelia is a platform that uses AI for customer service insights by selecting digital employees to engage in different departments in the company. Initially, the app was created as a digital business assistant to perform administrative tasks. It has been recently improved to become the first-line contact for all automated sign-up inquiries. Moreover, Amelia uses digital employees with real cognitive abilities ensuring customer satisfaction better than regular chatbots. The software interacts with over 40000 customers via chats and phone in multiple languages, expanding the communication coverage. It guarantees a high issue resolution rate of more than 93% and has different digital employee pricing depending on your business needs. 


The Software is powered by AI and Robotics to manage a live chat service. The platform also allows you to upload specific FAQs, knowledge base and workflows. The Messages option within Trengo enables forwarding customers’ messages to team interactions to scale customer service task flow. The platform is helpful for startups requiring advancement through their initial business stage. Trengo is simple to use, and the basics can be learnt within an hour. It provides a shared inbox to engage required departments and efficiently manage customer interactions. In addition, the software manages 50+ integrations adding automation features on demand. The customer management side identifies VIP clients to provide additional customer incentives for increased retention. Trengo has three different pricing plans: the Grow plan at 15 EUR per user per month, the Scale plan at 25 EUR per user per month and the Enterprise plan that can be customized according to your company’s customer service needs. 


AI-powered Freshdesk manages all customer interactions from different channels, including social media and emails. The company can connect with other mobile apps and software platforms to have a completely automated customer service workflow. Freshdesk provides a 360-degree customer view to the agents for immediate issue resolution within the nearest distance to the customer ticket. It is also responsible for quick routing task flows to reduce the waiting time during customer calls. The unique feature of Freshdesk is guiding field service to accompany remote agents in solving customer problems onsite. The software has a free plan with limited features for startups and 21-day trials for all the paid plans to try out the available activities.

How AI and Robotics Affect a Contact Center Operation

How Companies Apply AI & Robotics To Contact Center Operations: Use Cases

Laivly & one of the world’s leading beauty companies 

The company’s customer support for e-commerce model analysis revealed that managing multiple emails and questions was time-consuming for agents as they had to search for the correct email template in CRM manually. Thus, the agents wrote most of the emails from scratch, decreasing productivity and customer satisfaction scores. Laivly implemented an AI-powered Smart Response system to improve email efficiency communication and ensure the agents use the brand’s tone of voice while interacting. Smart Response identifies all inquiries in an email and utilizes AI to compare with previous email cases. Then, the system analyzes the data and recommends relevant, pre-drafted responses, freeing the time for agents to focus on personalizing the on-brand response. The company got 12% QA improvement and 49.3%

EPH Productivity Improvement, providing a consistent end-to-end customer experience. 

Unbabel & Zendesk

Customer service software company Zendesk that provides translations cooperated with AI-powered language platform Unbabel. Unbabel teaches how to use AI in customer service and allows the company to exchange messages with customers even if company representatives don’t speak their languages. The platform uses a hybrid approach to language translation combining AI with human agents who match translation algorithms to language preferences for specific countries and markets. The AI-powered tool makes multilingual customer conversations possible across Zendesk’s social media, email and websites. In addition, Unbabel fills the staffing for new markets, expanding the company globally. Thus, automation and human agents work together efficiently while representatives understand their role in more complicated or empathetic calls or messages. Because of their cooperation and improved Zendesk’s CX capabilities, the company was recently acquired by an investor group for approximately $10.2 billion. 

The Bottom Line

Will customer service be replaced by robots? It is the common question the companies ask considering the implementation of AI and Robotics in contact center work. Applying AI can transform daily business operations and interactions by providing a better experience for both customers and agents. Typically considered a replacement for agents, Robotics assists company representatives perform more efficiently. AI chatbots can solve simple issues, but for more complicated ones, they pass along the data to agents, making the transition as smooth as possible. Among the core business benefits of AI & Robotics usage in a contact center are:

  • providing an automated self-service experience
  • empowering agents 
  • analyzing customer interactions

Amelia, Trengo, Appcues and Freshdesk are some of the AI-powered software solutions the companies can use to advance customer support and make the work of human agents easier. Based on your business needs, the company will certainly flourish by integrating AI & Robotics software using the newest technological advancements.

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