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Benefits of using live chat support for your business

The primary factor that makes clients choose a specific service is the quality of customer support. A live chat is an integral part of the client care process. That is why it is critical to study how it works and how your business can benefit from using this tool.

In this article, we will take a look at how the live chat support service functions. We will also explain how you can benefit from using it on your website.

What is live chat support?

The first step is setting up a chat instrument on your site. There are two types of views: the agent and the user. Depending on the type of chat you choose, there will be different instructions to install the tool.

After you are done with the installation procedure, your users will see the special widget on the website. The representatives of live chat support will then have access to the dashboard with requests from customers.

The agents will view the conversations based on their significance. Based on the urgency of an issue, the live chat automatically prioritizes the incoming queries. By clicking the widget, visitors will access message channels that act like an IVR.

Features and Benefits of Live Chat

A quality live chat support can play an important role in attracting customers. According to numerous surveys and polls, there are several features of a good customer care service:

  • Quick response time
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Effective communication methods
  • Accuracy and quality of the information provided

Now, let’s have a closer look at live chat support benefits.

1. Assist More Customers

One of the first advantages of live chat support is that it allows you to reach more customers. No one likes waiting in lines. People need instant answers. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if your response to customer requests is slow, you are risking losing clients. Live chat can help prevent that.

Organizations that prioritize chat conversations can respond to their customers within seconds. Most of the customers are willing to wait no more than one minute. You can hire a chat agent who can handle up to five sessions at the same time.

2. Integration with CRM to Offer a Personalized Service

Ask the clients to provide their contacts before starting a chat. It will make the responses more personalized and will allow you to find clients’ info faster in the CRM database. This saves time for both parties and makes interactions more effective. It is one of the most essential benefits of live chat for customer service.

Having access to such information will also allow you to let the client know about any pending or requests. Your customers will be happy to stay updated on all the recent news regarding your product or service.

3. FAQ as an Extra Helping Hand

Frequently Asked Questions is a useful addition to the live chat. Before contacting the live agent, customers may find the answers to the most common questions with the help of corresponding keywords. It will save time significantly. If a customer can’t find the solution, only then does a chat representative step in. This is a very beneficial tool for both customer service outsourcing agencies and in-house teams.

4. Positive Post-Service Experience

Another advantage of the live chat is that your clients have an opportunity to obtain a copy of the conversations. You should give your customers a heads up that phone calls may be recorded and messages can be saved. Transcripts can be used as tutorials for future problem solving, for example. Customers can review them each time they face a similar issue.

Top 5 Live Chat Apps

Now that we’ve established that live chat is beneficial for your business let’s look at the best free live chat apps.

1. Live chat of HubSpot

This live chat is integrated with HubSpot’s CRM system, which means that all chats are logged to customers’ contact profiles. This allows agents to see a customer history with your company including previous interactions. A free version of the app includes a universal inbox, up to 1 million contacts, canned responses, chatbot builder, and more.

2. Tidio

Tidio is a live chat solution that can integrate with a variety of software including WordPress, Shopify, and others. Tidio offers different features such as an all-in-one shared inbox, messages automation, and canned responses. For zero dollars you get 500 automated emails per month and chats with 100 visitors a month.

3. Olark

Olark is another popular live chat tool. Its free plan offers offline messaging, a website chat widget, chat routing, unlimited domains, and more. The tool has reporting features that can help you track and analyze customer satisfaction, chat volume, and agent activity.

4. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a live chat software that offers chat widget customization. It is very user-friendly and can be easily installed. Some of the main features include chatbots that can help you with capturing leads and booking appointments.

5. JivoChat

JivoChat is one of the top-rated live chats that allows support teams to handle interactions from different platforms at once. Some of the features the app offers are canned responses, hotkeys, unlimited chats for up to 5 agents, color-coded chats, and others.

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