Wow24-7 Solutions for English Training Platform Talaera
Case Study

Talaera case study: Wow24-7 solutions for online learning business

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WOW24-7 Case studies Talaera case study: Wow24-7 solutions for online learning business

Main Challenge

Talaera provides real-time customer support to its users. Being an online learning platform, they sometimes deal with internet connection disruption or some technical issues that ruin the lesson. Another frustrating thing is when someone encounters any type of technical problem, even if it’s something to do with their own devices, there is no way to reach out for help. So it was extremely important for Talaera to remove all of those barriers.  Also, even though Talaera team is distributed globally, the company still was struggling to provide 24/7 support. So they decided to look for a solution.


Talaera said the most important thing for them was the immediate response and follow-up time. It’s not ok just to respond within 60 seconds and then leave customers waiting for 5 minutes. They wanted the problem to be resolved within 3 or 4 minutes. After considering different options the company decided that WOW24-7 would be able to meet that requirement.

Talaera positively noted that WOW24-7 team has been very flexible and responsive. Whenever there is a request it’s just taken on immediately by the agents.

“Everybody’s involved and so it doesn’t feel so anonymous. The team really has been very hands-on. It feels like they’re living the customer support that we’re asking of them. They are completely meeting them and sometimes, they even go above and beyond. So that’s been really great.”


WOW24-7 took the pressure off of the Talaera team to respond rapidly to customers. So each member of the team can focus on their main responsibilities. That’s helped Talaera to be more effective as a team. Talaera has a consistent support team working for them. It helps their team to maintain tight relationships with WOW24-7 agents and work together on customer requests. Moreover, WOW24-7 provides different layers between frontline support and more advanced technical support. Talaera noted that cooperation with WOW24-7 has had a positive impact on their business. 

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