Case Study

Slidepeak case study: customer support for a presentation design agency

Slidepeak is a presentation design agency that builds customized, professional, and on-brand presentations for any occasion. The service covers all presentation processes — redesign, design based on existing content and presentation from scratch with the option of content creation. The agency has a clear and fixed pricing policy through charging by slide. With a minimum deadline of 12 hours, you can expect fast and timely delivery.
WOW24-7 Case studies Slidepeak case study: customer support for a presentation design agency

Main challenges

A highly effective customer support system is critical for a presentation design agency like Slidepeak as it receives a diverse range of inquiries from B2B and B2C businesses. The professionalism of customer support service, its ability to properly evaluate client needs and communicate them to a design team directly impact the quality of a final result and customer satisfaction rate. Slidepeak needed a support provider qualified to deliver excellent performance on all of those points. 

In addition, Slidepeak needed help with monitoring and managing edit requests in design and reduced handling time spent on them so a design team had more time for revision and correction. The company management had a strong belief that a WOW24-7 team could fulfill all of their demands.


To achieve Slidepeak’s customer support needs and requests WOW24-7 developed a range of solutions including:

“WOW24-7 agents have been really invested and committed to the process of getting to know our business and representing our best interests.”

Alex Peterman, Marketing manager at Slidepeak


WOW24-7 customer support solutions have proven to be very efficient and showed results within the first two months of our collaboration. Here is what was achieved:

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