Skillroads Case Study: WOW24-7 Customer Support
Case Study

Skillroads case study: customer support for a resume builder agency

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WOW24-7 Case studies Skillroads case study: customer support for a resume builder agency

Main Challenge

The main challenge that Skillroads wanted WOW24-7 to address was communication with their customers. They needed a support team to do call verifications for them and make sure that customers upload all information their writers need for writing a resume. Also, a support team is responsible for checking in with a customer and making sure that they are satisfied with a result. If the response is negative an agent keeps in close communication with the customer and navigates the problem. 


Skillroads hired two WOW24-7 dedicated agents to handle their customer support. They work remotely and provide daily coverage from 8 am to 4 pm. After sales representatives seal a deal our agents take over the process and evaluate the information provided by customers to assign the right writer for a project. 

We understood that Skillroads wanted our team to comprehend the multitude of features and specifics of their service and utilize that knowledge in interaction with customers. In order to provide that our team researched the client’s product and created a knowledge base that included the brand’s voice, target audience and appeal strategy. Learning that information helped our agents to gain a full understanding of the product and integrate it into their work with Skillroads customers. 


Skillroads positively noted that WOW24-7 agents helped them to get more customer trust and positive feedback. We’ve been able to build a consistent customer satisfaction rate and reduce a churn rate. This improved the overall brand image effectiveness of the company’s operational system and activities. 

By outsourcing their customer support – a responsibility that is very time-consuming – to WOW24-7, Skillroads got more time to concentrate on their core tasks like product development and marketing strategy. Needless to say what a positive impact that had on the organization’s productivity.

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