Learning Tribes Case Study: 24/7 English-language Coverage
Case Study

Learning Tribes case study: cost-beneficial 24/7 support

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WOW24-7 Case studies Learning Tribes case study: cost-beneficial 24/7 support

Main Challenge

The Learning Tribes company was looking for a reputable customer support services provider with flexible pricing and scalable solutions according to the workload. Since the organization works with many businesses that have internal support agents, Learning Tribes needed high-end customer support mainly for individuals using the platform. 

As the volume of support tickets was not very high, but still, the company needed a 24/7 English-language coverage, it was quite a challenge to find an expert-level support solution that won’t cost a fortune.

Also, the company needed a professional support team that would be able to use the tools and software utilized in the company, provide 24/7 English-language support services, and be scalable if needed.


Learning Tribes’ representatives found Wow24-7 through Google Search and got interested in our cost-effective Shared and Dedicated Team bundles. In terms of the quality of services, 24/7 coverage, and costs involved, our solution became a go-to option for Learning Tribes.

The point is, a shared L1 customer support team can handle, for example, up to 20 tickets per day at a much lower price than if a business hires an in-house 24/7 support team that will be bored with 20 tickets per day only. At the same time, the shared team will still stick to the company’s guidelines and SLAs, providing high-quality customer support in a timely fashion. As a result, customers get prompt and helpful responses, and the business gets cost-beneficial services.

“I found that your scalable support model with the price according to the volume of tickets that the team manages in a month fits us great. It allows us to staff more and then scale the model as we work with more clients.”


Wow24/7 provided the organization with a team of expert support agents to deal with the tickets around the clock. Thanks to our convenient Shared Team bundle option, we could offer a cost-efficient and scalable support solution that fully covered the company’s needs.

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