EssayEdge Case study: Client Care for an Essay Editing Service

About EssayEdge

EssayEdge is one of the leading providers of admissions essay editing services on the Internet. Whether you need a basic proofread or in-depth advice on how to improve an essay the EssayEdge has a solution for you. The company’s essay editors have extensive experience. Over the years, they’ve edited thousands of application essays, so they know what to focus on, and what to avoid. 

Main Challenge

The responsibility of handling customer support service was too overwhelming for the EssayEdge team. Answering customer questions, navigating their problems, helping them with technical issues – all of that was taking too much time and distracting their employees from core responsibilities. So outsourcing seemed like a viable option. EssayEdge understood how important customer support is and what impact it has on business success. So they started to look for a trustworthy and professional provider and stumbled upon WOW24-7. They liked the selection of our solutions and decided to outsource to us.


WOW24-7 agents monitor order requests, help customers to navigate through the EssayEdge website, assisting them with application processes like uploading files, selecting editor specialists, paying for the service and more. Also, we help resolve technical issues and any arising problems while or after the essay is written. We introduced EssayEdge to a new CRM system which they said benefited them in multiple ways. 

The scope of our solutions for the project included:

  • Dedicated agents and team lead tracking their performance
  • Advanced CRM system
  • Customized knowledgebase
  • An effective communication strategy that included upselling and cross-selling methods
  • KPI to monitor progress 
  • High SLA uptime

“It’s amazing how WOW24-7 agents were able to deliver on every promise they made before we started working together. They will go the extra mile if they have to in order to get a problem resolved or find the best solution. We’ve been very happy with their service.”

Valeria Padenok, a product manager at EssayEdge.


EssayEdge was able to see positive results of our effective solutions shortly after they hired us. Some of them included:

  • A response time has dropped significantly
  • Smooth communication between customers and editors
  • Improved productivity of EssayEdge team
  • Higher positive feedback 
  • The increased customer satisfaction rate

WOW24-7 has created a reliable and effective customer support system for EssayEdge by utilizing years of experience and innovative solutions in its work. 

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