Dixa Case Study: 24/7 Customer Support Coverage for a SaaS Company

About Dixa

Dixa is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company based on a passionate idea of completely changing the way that customers interact with brands. 

Main Challenge

Dixa’s representatives were looking for a way to be available to their customers 24 hours a day. They needed a reliable customer support outsourcing partner that could solve the problem and provide:

  • A skilled and dedicated support team;
  • High-quality inbound support via phone, chats, and emails;
  • Well-established workflow for outbound calls;
  • Assistance with generating and verifying leads.

The Solution? Wow 24-7

Through an extensive online research process of call center outsourcing options, Dixa’s final choice was Wow 24-7. 

We recognized that Dixa representatives were in great need of qualified human resources and amending their own customer support availability. 

Since the company had offices in a single time zone, Dixa representatives had no phones open for 16 of the 24 hours in a day, and some calls or chats from customers were missed. 


  • A dedicated team working 24/7;
  • A team lead managing the work of the team;
  • Customized workflow to fit Dixa’s goals, practices, and means of communication;
  • An internal knowledge base developed by Wow24-7 experts;
  • Swift training of the personnel, according to the ultimate briefings managed by Dixa;
  • Constant improvement by supporting the iterative development of the team.

“I appreciated the speed with which they built a comprehensive knowledge base for their internal use. They also picked up some of the intricacies of our product quite rapidly. Overall, we’ve got the partner we’d hoped for.” 

Thomas Sønderbjerg Larsen, Marketing Manager at Dixa

Customer support case


  • Around-the-clock support of the product;
  • Exceptional coverage (no missed inbound interactions with the customers);
  • Easy scalability with a comprehensive knowledge base;
  • Effortless lead generation and follow-up;
  • A dedicated and easy-to-communicate-with outsourced support team.

The Wow24-7 team aided Dixa in upholding and realizing their vision of accessible and smooth customer experience, which is what Wow 24-7 always strives to do – realizing the client’s vision of brilliant support. 

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