The App Solutions Case Study: Customer Support Services for a Web Development Company

About The App Solutions

The App Solutions is a US-based company that provides mobile and web development services for clients across the globe.

Main Challenge

The company needed a cost-effective customer support outsourcing solution to connect with clients via phone, chat, and contact forms to guide them through the services the business offers and provide assistance with their queries. 


The App Solutions team contacted our experienced call center outsourcing company. We provided the company with a team of professional customer support representatives that possess all the skills and expertise required, as well as knowledge of several foreign languages to ensure impeccable client assistance.
  • Converting sales scripts developed with the company’s needs in focus;
  • An effective and highly engaging conversational flow; 
  • Answer templates for the most commonly asked questions to minimize average response time;
  • High-quality support services regarding custom development opportunities through all communication channels;
  • Assistance in calculating the estimated costs for a particular project and lead nurturing.
  “Wow24-7 has been performing well for the most part. They have a very advanced level of English, as well as other languages. They also have good skills for handling email and chat-form conversations, with good templates and sales-scripts in place. Wow24-7 has a perfect understanding of our services.”  Anton Fedulov, the Vice President of The App Solutions

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  • Effective handling of even complex inquiries that clients had with a website, payments, or other business aspects with minimum supervision;
  • Minimized response time (almost instant replies via phone and chat);
  • Increased customer satisfaction and interest in the company’s services;
  • Increased number of new clients, closed deals, and driven revenue within a few months of collaboration, thanks to powerful sales scripts. 
With the help of our top-notch services, The App Solutions company has taken customer support to the next level, raised brand awareness, and created a positive company image on the market. This allowed the business to stood out among the main competitors.  The company positively noted increased engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rate as a result of the fruitful cooperation with Wow24-7. A detailed review can be viewed on Clutch.
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