HMD Clinical Case Study: Customer Support for Clinical Company
Case Study

HMD Clinical case study: customer support service for clinical trial company

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WOW24-7 Case studies HMD Clinical case study: customer support service for clinical trial company

Main Challenge for the Customer Support Company

Having clients all around the world – the U.S., Subsaharan Africa and the Asian Pacific region – the HMD Clinical was struggling to provide good customer service. The company said sometimes its users have difficulties figuring out how to use its system and need assistance. So it was looking for an outsourcing partner that could deliver 24/7 support and cover all tickets. 

HMD Clinical checked out several support outsourcing agencies and decided to go with WOW24-7 because we offered the best service. The company said that they got a good feel for the business from us. They liked our team management and effective solutions such as customized strategies and omnichannel support. 


WOW24-7 provides HMD Clinical with customer support through emails, phone calls and Zendesk chats. Our team of skilled agents helps the company’s clients to learn how to use the system as well as fix any technical issues. 

“Outsourcing to WOW24-7 was the best thing we’ve done. The service has been fabulous, we have no problem with it whatsoever.”


WOW24-7 has provided HMD Clinical with full coverage of client needs by delivering professional 24/7 customer support. The company positively noted that we have proved to be a reliable and committed outsourcing partner that exceeded all their expectations. Also, we introduced the HMD Clinical team to a communication platform Slack which they adapted for their internal interaction.

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