StudentShare Case Study: Human and Well-Versed Support Services for an EduTech Company

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About StudentShare

StudentShare is an online database of academic essay examples that contains 1m+ unique samples on a variety of topics written by students for students to use as a guide and inspiration.

Main Challenge

StudentShare needed an omnichannel customer care solution to address common user queries regarding the system via chat and phone calls 24/7/365. 


StudentShare representatives contacted our company after receiving a recommendation from their network and seeing Wow24-7 support services occupying the top positions on Google.

The company admitted our flexibility and scalability from the very start of our productive cooperation.


  • Omnichannel customer support care round the clock;
  • Professional and friendly help with the platform via live chat and phone;
  • Quick onboarding performed by the Wow24-7 team;
  • Direct contact with every agent of the support team for ensuring first-class performance;
  • A convenient CRM for managing customer requests and providing fast and comprehensive assistance.

“Outsourcing customer support care to Wow24-7 has saved me time and money and now, my team and I can focus on other important business processes. 

Their service feels human, which is what we strived to achieve. I consider them to be very supportive of our customers and to us as well.”

Private Client, Project Manager at StudentShare

customer support outsourcing for students share


  • A dedicated team of support care agents managing customer requests through all communication channels 24/7 year-round;
  • CRM system implementation for managing customer queries received in chats, phone calls, emails, and voicemails and ensuring enhanced customer experience;
  • Minimized response time;
  • Improved customer satisfaction rate;
  • Detailed weekly and monthly reports on the key performance indicators;
  • Proven cost-effectiveness of working with an outsourced support team.

We were pleased to get our support services characterized as “human” ones, as that’s high praise. Our support members strive for self-development and constant improvement to address the clients’ needs the best way and make them happy.

The StudentShare representatives positively noted that our professional customer support solution helped their company to stand out from the crowd by providing top-notch customer care. Check a detailed review on Clutch!

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