Q&A With A Client: Path

Q&A With A Client: Path Shares Its Experience With WOW24-7

Path is an outsourcing company that offers photo editing services at an affordable price. The company chose to outsource its customer service to WOW24-7. In this interview, Path’s web application developer Asad Shakil talks about the company’s experience with WOW24-7.

Q: What does your company do?

A: We are an offshore outsourcing company that provides high-quality photo enhancement services for customers worldwide. We mostly work with eCommerce companies and photographers. They take pictures of their products and send those photos to us for editing. We do all the optimization needed to put them on their eCommerce website. Our prices are very affordable since labor cost in our country is not that high. We try to help our community by creating jobs locally. We also provide education for students that just recently graduated and that are looking for a job. We offer them training and free education. 

Q: Can you tell us about your CEO’s initiative to donate a part of your profit to charity?

A: Soon after our CEO started a business he decided to contribute to society by sharing some of the profit he makes. The way we do it is we build homes for homeless people. In addition, we provide scholarships for young people that want to go to college, and help people that don’t have the means to support themselves, get medical services. We do that outreach in Gaibandha, the region where our CEO Atiqur Rahman Molla was born.

Q: For what purpose did you hire WOW24-7?

A: We hired WOW24-7 to provide us with a team of professionals who could help us deliver expert-level customer service. Besides, we wanted a company that could do all the management processes such as providing agents with training, onboarding, etc. 

Before we hired WOW24-7 we had an in-house team and so we had to do all the management ourselves. It’s very hard to find people with competence in English in Bangladesh. So It was really challenging to find professionals that would be able to deliver the desired quality of services to our customers. We had that struggle for many years with our in-house team and finally, we decided to look for help outside. 

Q: What solutions did WOW24-7 provide? 

A: As I mentioned earlier, agents in Bangladesh couldn’t provide the service up to the standards that we wanted. The first thing that WOW24-7 offered was agents with a good level of English and skills needed to provide the service that we wanted. Secondly, their service price was very attractive. Besides, they would do all the management – something that is very important for us because operating a team remotely is challenging. So we are glad that WOW24-7 is able to do that for us. That’s actually one of the key reasons why we chose WOW24-7.

Q: Can you share some results?

A: The process works this way – we have an internal team, and in the middle, there are customer service agents and on the other side are the customers. So the agents are a bridge between our team and the customers. Both of the teams work 24/7 so the customers and our team are always synced through the WOW24-7 team. We have an SLA of 45 minutes, which means that we guarantee a response to our customers within 45 minutes. That’s something that became possible when we started working with the WOW24-7 team. 

WOW24-7 has definitely helped us to improve our business. When we were getting started WOW24-7’s onboarding manager Bogdan created the workflows for the agents which were extremely helpful and still are. And what we really like is that all agents follow those workflows. Back when we had an in-house customer support team our agents were changing things in scripts and we weren’t aware of that. WOW24-7 reps, on the other hand, follow the workflows to perform their job and they do it with sincerity, which is very important. That way we can be assured that they do the work the right way. 

Q: Why did you choose WOW24-7?

A: First of all, we were looking for an affordable service, because the team we already had was pretty cheap. When we decided to hire an external partner we knew that the cost is going to increase but we wanted something that is within our reach. And the price that WOW24-7 offered sounded pretty reasonable to us. That was one of the deciding factors. The other reason was that they would do management for us. 

Q: Based on your experience, is it a good idea to outsource customer support?

A: Yes, absolutely. As I said, the team that we had wasn’t competent enough. And that was affecting our customer satisfaction. We tried very hard to create a professional team of agents but it was too difficult and eventually, we gave up. We knew that we needed to hire a team with high competency but unfortunately, we couldn’t find that in Bangladesh. So we turned to outsourcing and found WOW24-7. And we are extremely happy with their service. So it was definitely a good decision to outsource. We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago where we were discussing our business processes and most people agreed that customer service is our strongest department. So we are very happy with WOW24-7. 

Q: What do you like the most about WOW24-7?

A: It’s the management of course. I’ll give you an example. in January, one of the agents left the team and the new one came in already trained. We weren’t aware of that change and it was a pleasant surprise for us that all those things were done by the WOW24-7 team and we didn’t even have to be bothered by it. If we had to do it all by ourselves that would have been a lot of work. So the management is the thing I like the most about WOW24-7.

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