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About Calmerry 

Calmerry is an affordable therapy for everyone. The idea of Calmerry is to provide online therapy services for your mental health. Its licensed therapists deliver positive change at a secure HIPAA-compliant e-therapy platform. With Calmerry online therapy, you’ll successfully overcome life’s challenges. This is a safe place to find a licensed counselor who would listen to your issues via messages or live video and create a personalized treatment plan to find your inner peace.

Main challenge

While working with clients, Calmerry understood that live customer support is a crucial part of a successful business. Their clients expect not only qualified therapist support but also empathetic technical support specialists as customers share sensitive mental health data with the platform. WOW24-7 helps Calmerry provide professional 24/7 service and cover therapists and client requests all over the U.S. 

Customer Support Outsourcing


WOW24-7 delivers quality support to Calmerry users and customers from the moment they first reach the website. WOW24-7 team navigates users throughout the whole process, providing them with valuable information in response to their questions. 

When starting up a business, Calmerry knew that a customer support team was a necessity. WOW24-7 helped the company’s first therapists to register and provided a truly outstanding service. Calmerry clients and therapists feel safe as they know the WOW team of customer representatives will always have them covered. 

Calmerry said that our effective solutions helped elevate their customer experience and consolidate their position on the market. 


  • Professional and friendly agents
  • Customized communication strategy to assist business growth
  • Omnichannel 24/7 customer support to cut response time
  • Effective techniques to help maintain quality and project a level of progress
  • Sophisticated software tools to facilitate the work process

“We are extremely happy that we chose WOW24-7 as our support team, as now our 24/7 support for clients and therapists is one of our main advantages among other businesses on the telehealth market.”

Kate Davis, Medical Operations Manager at Calmerry

Customer Support for Psychology help


Cooperation with WOW24-7 has helped hundreds of Calmerry therapists navigate through its platform. We help Calmerry clients daily with choosing the right subscription package to get the most of online therapy.

Our cooperation has brought positive results such as:

  • Fast and effective customer support service
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to high-quality support
  • Smooth business workflow
  • Reduced response time 
  • Improved reputation and customer loyalty
  • Minimized amount of expenses due to cost-efficient solutions

Calmerry team noted that our unique communication techniques and practices have boosted their client trust and retention rate. 

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