Your Best Virtual Assistant: Discover Why and How to Find One

Your Best Virtual Assistant: Discover Why and How to Find One

Your Best Virtual Assistant: Discover Why and How to Find One

Your Best Virtual Assistant: Discover Why and How to Find OneBusinesses that feel like they need to concentrate on their core activities may think about delegating secondary tasks to so-called virtual office assistant companies. The effectiveness of outsourcing companies has been proven thousands of times so far.

To begin with, the company’s owners should think about the time required for the little, supporting things every day. In most cases, businesses discover that they need an extra hand to assist with such activities as client care and support, communications, research, SMM, SEO, and content writing. Those are not the core business activities, but it’s hard to imagine a successful organization without caring, 24/7 available customer support service or properly optimized, localized content.

Recruiting the best virtual assistant to be a huge step towards your company goals. The heavy workload is often what stands on a way of many enterprises. Developing in-house talent is a good idea, but there are two important things to consider: a) in-house staff will lose the point when having to deal with many different tasks at a time, and the productivity will greatly fall; b) the expansion of in-house employees requires plenty of money, time, and efforts.

Nowadays, there are two known ways to take the weight off your shoulders and get external help. The first option is hiring a freelance expert directly. However, no one will guarantee the proficiency of such worker – you can only trust his or her words and rely on your best guess while choosing. Virtual assistant companies in the USA and the rest of the world are a way better solution to the problem of outsourcing staff.

Both startups and large enterprises benefit from getting external assistance from experienced outsourcing organizations. Without such help and support, young businesses risk failing during the first operational year! You may wonder, but even such giants as Google, Apple, Samsung, Dropbox, and Skype are hiring top-rated virtual assistants to help with their secondary activities. The age of freelancers is long gone – it is time to trust what you do to real professionals. In this article, we will prove that getting help from virtual assistants (VA) is the most effective way to cut your costs and save plenty of time for things that matter more to your business.

Top Reasons to Hire Virtual Assistants According to Statistics

First of all, we should discuss why so many companies try to find a virtual assistant today. To make it short, they do so to become successful and profitable in the shortest period. Just think about how much money you would need to recruit in-house employees, buy a new room or separate premise for them, train every newcomer, and provide all the necessary social benefits. Besides, you cannot reach in-office personnel at any time while it is possible with distant workers.

We have analyzed the main reasons for many famous companies to deal with the best virtual assistant services. Here is what they say:

  • Time is our goldmine, and we do not want to waste it.

It is the most valuable asset, and there is no way to spend it on low-level administrative tasks. For centuries, such term as “secretary” was used to describe all of the secondary and supporting tasks. However, it would be too difficult for a single employee to provide back-office support, customer care, mail management, event organization, etc. without blowing up your cash flow, it is possible to solve all the secondary issues at once by turning to one of the top virtual assistant companies.

  • Such agencies value cost-effective business scalability.

To expand any business, one needs capital. A solid amount of capital. Thanks to the best VA companies like WOW24-7, a business can significantly cut costs as even the top outsourcing agencies set affordable prices. Recruiting personnel domestically is always a waste of funds, and hiring freelancers is a high risk as you never know for sure whether their prices match the quality. Count the ongoing costs of supervision and development. Organizations that offer VAs take care of staff training and development. They prepare the employees for long-lasting, productive cooperation with businesses so you will not get a “raw product.”

Hire Virtual Assistant USA to Forget about Smaller Things

It is a great chance to escape the so-called “admin jungle.” Most of the administrative responsibilities drive large companies mad. Their employees usually have no time and interest in dealing with the paperwork and other types of office job. They are ready to master new heights. It’s like with cooking: if you have all the necessary ingredients, you do not have to waste time going to the shop and buying them. You focus only on the quality of a dish. You invest all of your time and efforts in just one single, and it makes the quality luxury.

The same thing happens with any business: by delegating useless stuff to other people, you have enough time to implement all of your distinguished ideas at the best level. Here are some of the activities that you can leave to other experts:

  • Receptionist duties (e.g., managing appointments and answering the phone calls);
  • Admin and back-office support;
  • Filtering and managing emails;
  • Word processing, presentation creation;
  • Data entry and processing;
  • Online research & analysis;
  • Different types and levels of client support.

These are all tasks that may distract your attention from the most important things. It is better and more effective to leave it all to experts in outsourcing.

Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA for Secure and Confidential Deals

If you build teams with the best providers on the market, you can count on complete confidentiality of your private data and company information. A freelancer does not sign any agreements (typically), and a company cannot be sure whether such person will disclose the details of cooperation to others or no. as for the professional outsourcing agencies that offer VA services, those are companies that sign legal papers guaranteeing the company’s confidentiality in case it wishes to stay anonymous.

For example, WOW24-7 never publishes the cases without approval. These guys always sign an NDA and other documents that their clients may offer to promise the safety of personal information and confidentiality. Not all businesses want others to know that they are using outsourcing agencies when it comes to hiring a 24 7 personal assistant, for instance.

Moreover, you will get full control and high responsiveness. The best personal assistant services like WOW24-7 guarantee full control over the teams that they scale up for their clients. It is a fact that companies possess less control over freelancers. A freelancer does not feel any sort of responsibility. Such people tend to work when they are ready to and when they WANT to, not when their clients need them most. Why should your business waste money on risks and such disrespect?

At companies like WOW24-7, your assigned Team Lead will help to plan the working schedules of the team they hire for you. They will work together with you on your milestones and assist with setting proper business goals as well as timeframes. The formula is simple: less time micro-management = more time getting core activities done (if you hire virtual assistant USA). A client can see the progress bar/status of the project at any time of day or night and reach at least some of the team’s members 24/7.

H2: How to Find a Virtual AssistantOnline

As the number of outsourcing agencies quickly expands, many businesses start wondering where to hire a virtual assistant that one can trust. However, some of them, like WOW24-7, are more experienced than others. It is all thanks to the qualifications of their employees and prestigious companies among their clients. Here is how to find and hire a reliable VA provider online:

  • Put down all the tasks you wish to outsource in a separate document;
  • Come up with the detailed job description and publish it on the web;
  • Find the list of the top-recommended outsourcing services based on your needs;
  • Check out the review and feedback from previous clients;
  • Contact the companies that you find the most suitable;
  • Review the offers and schedule meetings with the agencies of your choice;
  • Test the top candidates;
  • Negotiate the price and decide on the trial period.

Now, you can waste plenty of time trying to pick the best provider of VA on the internet. We can minimize your efforts by proposing one of the leading services.

What are the Top Virtual Assistant Companies?

Out of all top rated virtual assistant companies, you should think about choosing WOW24-7 as your assistant as this service has proven its competence in outsourcing during the last decade. We have admitted the features of the good VA providers, and WOW24-7 has them all and even more. With more than 12 years of experience (!) in the outsourcing market, this service knows how to scale up the most effective, dedicated teams of experts in the shortest period (from 6 months to one year).

No matter what your time zone or business is, WOW24-7 is always there to carry out any of your urgent issues and complete your tasks. They specialize in:

  • Frontline support
  • Back-office support
  • Customer care services
  • Data entry & processing
  • Backline support

Also, their costs are quite affordable, especially when compared to other agencies working in this field. More than 95% of their clients remain totally happy with the teams WOW24-7 builds for them. You can get a quote at any time, and you can be sure that they will team up the experts in the field you need very fast. The company supports multiple languages. Just check out how their service works (consultations are free of charge).

Maya Momotok

Written by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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