Why Is It Better to Hire Remote Workers?

Why Is It Better to Hire Remote Workers?


Why Is It Better to Hire Remote Workers?


Why Is It Better to Hire Remote Workers?With the rapid development of technology, more and more companies are taking a leap into the future, choosing a virtual or a home office over a brick and mortar one. While going online completely might seem like a drastic measure, hiring remote workers to perform certain functions is the right path to take.

Increasing number of remote workersThere are certain benefits associated with having an outsourced staff – benefits that facilitate a better work environment, cut costs, and reduce employee turnover. And in the world where the competition for the best talent is fierce, creating a strong employer brand can make all the difference between business success and failure.

Let’s reveal all the benefits right now!

Familiar environment makes remote workers more productive

Instead of taking a bus or trudging through traffic jams in the morning, a remote worker makes a cup of coffee and goes to the study, if there is one, or to the kitchen. This is literally all the preparation one needs to go through to start working in the morning. Compare it to hours spent in trains, and you will understand why a remote employee has more inspiration and energy to work productively. And even though companies often fear that managing remote workers can be a tough thing to tackle, it’s easily manageable with the help of relevant project management techniques and best management practices.

Hiring remote workers means the ability to hunt the best talent globally

How many times have you been forced to drop a perfect candidate just because they weren’t ready to relocate? The problem is easily solved by providing an infrastructure for remote staff. A transfer to such work organization can boost a company’s efficiency and hiring potential by magnitude.

People prefer remote work

Reducing costs with remote staff

Imagine taking office full of employees and having all the related costs covered – that’s what a transfer to remote workers will entail. No more rent payments, cleaning fees, electricity bills and whatever it is that you are also covering for in-house workers. Save on furniture and office supplies, and invest the money into something more important.

American Express saves money on remote workers

Reducing turnover with remote employees and creating an employer brand

Stress, the lack of work and life balance, unhealthy eating and unpleasant people – all of these pile up to force people leave the company they’re working at, seeking more comfortable options. Remote work helps eliminate all the damaging factors, reducing the turnover and improving your company’s public image.

Tackling the problems of managing remote employees

The main reason why companies refrain from the remote work option is that they fear they won’t be capable of managing staff remotely. Such belief could not be further from the truth. With international companies having offices all around the world, remote management is no longer a problem.
One of the great solutions is outsourcing. Sometimes it is hard to choose between “outsourcing nations”, it depends on the costs and quality of provided services. We advise you to consider Eastern Europe, mainly Ukraine. The growth of the outsourcing in Ukraine is one of the most considerable achievements of the country over the past few years. In fact, outsourcing generates the development of Ukrainian IT market. Now it’s the most fast-growing area in comparison with other segments. Consider some pros and cons of Ukrainian outsourcing so that you could make a right decision for your business.

Managing remote employees may seem difficult at first, but difficulties end after the first remote employee has been included in the system. After that, it’s just a matter of scaling, observing and improving – just as it is the case with adopting any new kind of technology.  

Why Is It Better to Hire Remote Workers?


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