Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support

Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support


Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support

Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support

Whether you watch TV, browse the web or even wait on line in a store, you’ll probably hear people talking about the blockchain – the technology which went mainstream in 2017 and continues to gain popularity. There is a tremendous controversy whether bitcoin and other similar coins are bubbles about to burst or not. One way or the other, the blockchain technology has already proved its market viability. Thus, there is no surprise that such quick progress causes a rapidly growing demand for qualified customer support.

In-house or outsource? This is a dilemma that startups owners have been trying to solve for a long time and companies in blockchain industry isn’t an exception.

Let’s see why blockchain startups need customer service and why outsourcing the operation is more cost-effective than developing an in-house team.

The Growing Demand for Customer Support

Nowadays, the quality of customer service has reached a level that even a decade ago was hard to imagine. This tendency appeared primarily because of the giants like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. But high clients expectations are not tied to any industry. They contribute to the improvement of customer service everywhere.

Specifics of blockchain startups fit into the trend perfectly as the influence it may have on customer experience is huge. Even while this innovative technology can affect various traditional fields, it doesn’t make customer service less significant. Why? Because like any other industry blockchain isn’t free from competition. If a company doesn’t make any effort to state its value clearly and communicate with customers in their language, the potential clients will likely go to find another provider.

For example, Coinbase –  a digital exchange startup with a 10 million base of users, got more than 600 complaints within 2017 as compared to 6 complaints received in 2016. Because of the growing discontent, Coinbase added live phone support for clients and announced that part of their $100 million income would be used to perfect their customer care.

Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support

(Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-30/bitcoin-exchange-sees-complaints-soar-as-users-demand-money)

What is more, the fact that blockchain is a new technology has a tremendous influence on customers trust and loyalty. No doubt, clients want to be doubly sure of the reliability of the company that uses the technology when the safety of their personal data and money is on the line. That’s why qualified customer care can be a crucial component in establishing credibility.

Outsourcing customer support is an answer

Despite the uncertain potential of the blockchain to change in yet unknown ways, one thing is certain – the industry surely needs effective customer service. And as we can see, the customer needs are growing. The new options for dealing with crypto appears, and companies have no choice but to gain the trust with the powerful support. Here are top 5 reasons why blockchain startups should outsource support efforts.


  1. Time.
    Every startup owner knows that time is a crucial element. Building an in-house team will take multiple resources while hiring outsourcing customer support with tools in place will save your time and reduce expenses.
  2. Money.
    Having an internal staff requires not only the purchase of infrastructure but also can be very expensive when it comes to after hours or multiple language support. Working with the right team from the outsourcing industry will give your company low-cost options which could save you more than 50% over an internal team.
  3. Global support.
    To succeed in the blockchain, which is a worldwide trend, your startup should have a 24/7 multi-lingual support. It’s challenging to cope with it from a single location. Outsourcing is the right solution for your company to reach clients globally and stay in touch around the clock.
  4. Scalability.
    With an unpredictable crypto world, the support team has to stay flexible with changes. Scaling your customer support to handle any situation can be taxing and expensive. The experienced team has well-run processes to scale quickly in all aspect of customer care.
  5. Expertise.
    Of course, startups know their market, but at the same time, many of them fail to deliver expert support and cope with it promptly. Qualified outsourcing support team has everything needed for providing competent care and resolving problems quickly and efficiently.


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Why Blockchain Startups Need to Outsource Customer Support


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