Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?

Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?


Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?


Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?

After more than 12 years spent in the field of customer support, thus content management and marketing, WOW24-7 team has finally realized the role of quality customer support. Through these years, we have faced the pros and cons of customer service. Perhaps, every person was tormented by the low-quality customer service at least once in the entire life. By saying this, we mean a morass of phone prompts and loops of hold music that seems to take an eternity. What сustomers all need is to hear a pleasant voice who really cares about their problems instead of the impolite, irritated voice of some lady in rage. Add numerous mailings that make no sense.


An example is the one who offers online dating to the married man or woman. Another example is an annoying email campaign, which promotes baby food to people who do not even expect to have a child. That is when the time comes to appreciate well-organized, impersonated business approaches to providing a user-friendly service and support.

What is quality customer service?

To begin with, it is critical to define the term ‘customer service’ as not so many people realize what it stands for. According to the numerous feedback of satisfied customers, a good customer service refers to the principles like rewarding each client with the deserved attention, treating the personal communication with respect, implementing the art of listening and analyzing the absorbed information, attention to details, adequate training and guidance, and staying committed as an organization to the premium level of product or service.

Why is content marketing crucial for customer support?

This buzzword is the heart of many e-commerce businesses today. Many confuse content marketing with content writing or content management. In fact, no matter how relevant, up-to-date, interesting, and credible the media content is, it will not attract the audience unless the company defines it as the appropriate marketing tools.


Producing content massively just to satisfy different marketing platforms turns out a useless activity if it is the missing sight of the final goal.


To make it short, content marketing refers to selling something without forcing a buyer to face a seller directly. It’s when a person realizes he/she needs the product or service without any enforcement.


In other words, if the company is clever enough to make the target customers feel the need in the product without any annoying commercials and pleas, it is considered a successful combination of content marketing and customer support. The market should not dictate what the consumers need and want. It should become what people initially demands and would like to have.

What about statistics?

Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?

According to Neil Patel, 42% of B2B companies call themselves an effective content marketing strategist. On the opposite, less B2C marketers can say the same. The problem is businesses that deal with businesses respect and care for their clients more as they are also colleagues and potential partners in one face. At the same time, B2C companies are focused on selling more than developing personalized approaches to each customer and solving each issue in the most beneficial way. They just want to SELL and MAKE MONEY. Local employees are also less interested in self-growth through being tolerant and attentive to the customer’s needs than those who work in the B2B sphere. The reason is a fixed salary and lack of career opportunities.


60% of marketers report that they establish minimum 1 piece of marketing content daily to improve customer’s service. For instance, McKinsey noticed that the 3 Cs of customer satisfaction are “consistency, consistency, and consistency.” However, it is important to take into account the changing demands of the population.


That is why, as mentioned by Curata Blog, 29% of top marketers systematically remake and relaunch marketing content strategy. 92% adds that they treat such content as a valuable business asset. In addition to McKinsey, it is important to recall Amazon that relies on the power of content each time the situation with customer base gets worse.


A power of the word, image, video, or other visual elements should not be underestimated when it comes to the content marketing and customer service. It is the only way to connect with the potential buyer as a potential customer does not see the things under the hood like the process of product planning, development, and more. Customers care only about the process of realization – what they get in the end. Just like McDonald’s does, you may say what the good is made of but never go into the details. It is better to explain why the person will ENJOY it instead of why it is a must.


A user-friendly website full of intriguing and helpful content is where content marketing and customer support meet. Active social media and blog posting is the frontline of any B2C and even B2B. Often, a friendly, personalized mailing along with the responsive Customer Support and clear FAQ section are the keys to the customer’s heart.

Where Content Marketing and Customer Support Meet?


Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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