What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019

What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019


What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019

What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019Why technical support is important and how can an average business organization benefit from having it? It is hard to imagine a positive, overall customer experience without offering quality tech support. If a company working in the field of Information Technologies (IT) like a software developer ignores the importance of this department, it risks losing customers. Technical support is an analogy of traditional client support or customer care service with some major differences. First of all, it is way more expensive as such experts require a higher level of skills and in-depth knowledge of the product. Traditional customer support may know only theory and some general information.

In this post, we will first discuss what tech support stands for and various levels of such support. We will also answer your possible question, “Why is there a tremendous need for technical support?” Then, we will share a list of the top live chat apps that you can use free of charge.

What Is the Role of Technical Support in the Organization?

The next question is, “What is the role of technical support?” Unlike a traditional customer care service, technical support us there to solve issues, not just recommend the possible solutions. It leads the user from the initial stage of a problem solving to the last, taking full responsibility. A user, in most cases, has to do nothing but describe an issue.

So, we have almost answered the question, “What is technical support?” At least, you have an overall idea. To make it more specific, it is a type of communication with customers that good-oriented companies apply to assist their clients with getting the best out of the offered products. In most cases, it is done using:

  • Knowledge of the good
  • Special skills and training
  • Various case studies
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Phone

Among the core problems that tech support solves are the login errors, problems with the setup process, and other obstacles to a way to excellent user experience.

Now, there are several types of tech support. They are interconnected, so each of them matters (depending on the complexity of the company’s product. Thus, the next question is, “What is L1 L2 L3 support?”

What is L1 L2 L3 Support and How They Work Together?

In fact, there are more than three levels of technical support, but these three are the core. There is also a so-called pre-support which is about trying to help yourself with the help of search engines and other sources of information. Knowledgebase and FAQs might be a bit more specific and narrow, but it is still a self-service level. Then, there comes L1 outsourced technical support(or a company can hire in-house personnel, but outsourcing such team is more in trend today).

Starting from L1, a user has no longer solve the issue on their own. It involves a help desk for collecting complaints from customers. The team then analyzes the problem. If it does not require complex technical solutions and the client manages to solve the problem being guided by the L1 support rep (or the support fixes the issue without any obstacles), the case is completed and closed. That is the meaning of level one support. However, if consultation alone or quick manual fix is not enough, and the issue still exists, L2 tech support steps in trying to help.

What is the difference between L1 and L2 support? Well, the second one is more based on product support and technical support. Most of the modern users are quite sophisticated and can solve problems on their own or along with L1 support. L2 support possesses a deeper tech knowledge and can provide better guidance or solve the issue without a user’s involvement. If even more expertise is required, L3 support is then the only way out.

An L3 supports is a pinnacle for most of the users. It is usually done by the designated superuser or someone from the Research & Development department who has tech expertise. Such solutions may require plenty of time. Anyway, all of the levels are equally important as you never know how complex the issues might be. That is why it is critical to know how to improve the technical support department. We have checked and tested several special applications that were designed especially for these goals.

What Is Technical Support? Grab 6 Free Live Chat Apps 2019
Top-Preferred Tools to Help with L1 Outsourced Technical Support

“What is L1 support in networking?” Now that you know the answer to this question, you may want to know if you can avoid in-house agents or remote teams to save costs. If you are not a large business with high revenues yet, or just an individual offering your goods online, you may benefit from using different tools for providing technical support.

  • Olark

This software is known for being simple to use and fun. It has 12,000 clients around the world. Earlier, clients could only count on 14 days of the free trial, but now it is possible to select the forever-free package with some limitations, of course. The main features involve chat automation and opportunity to hide chats for certain geo locations.

  • Userlike

Yes, you can pay something starting from $29 to get access to all Userlike features, but, in general, it can be used for free. It is a solution from Germany which is relatively young but has 1,000 loyal customers. Mostly, the company is preferred by the members of the EU. A free plan offers unrestricted chats, and that is great. The developers have established a chatbot, Chat Butler.

  • Pure Chat

It is a company located in Arizona. The local team has made both chats and operators unlimited. The mobile version is well-optimized for both Android and iOS devices. If you wish to pay for the upgraded plan, you will obtain access to some useful features like real-time visitor analytics and automatic chat alerts.

We hope that we have offered only use free tools as well as the clear answer to the question, “What is virtual technical support?”

  • Tidio Chat

If you do not plan to use a tool for tech support having more than three users, you may benefit from setting up Tidio. This one was developed by Polish smarties. The unlimited chats are included. The visual automation workflow of this software is impressive. However, it is impossible to turn off automation, so you can only delete it.

  • Smartsupp

This team managed to take live chat analytics to a completely new level. They come from the Czech Republic. The product helps to keep records of your user’s actions on the website to let you know which things could be optimized or improved in any other ways.

  • MyLiveChat

These guys are very generous: unlimited chats for a single agent with a three-year chat history are included in this free app. The free plan also offers canned replies and proactive triggers. It’s just that the interface may first seem a bit confusing.

These applications may improve live chat experience as well as entire tech experience for your customers. If you still need better results, a good option is to outsource technical support to a professional outsourcing agency. It helps to save costs without damaging quality.

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