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Top CC trends for 2022 You Should Know About

For the past few years, the contact center has been almost the only way to keep in touch with the client. The contact center of the future effectively combines many strategies like call volume, AI, omnichannel marketing, agent engagement, self-service options, comprehensive training, etc., to provide the best interaction. High call center KPIs result in increased sales, streamlined experience, and optimized resources. 

No wonder companies are trying to modernize the approach to organizing customer support and implementing influential contact center trends. This article aims to show the most popular ways to upgrade the contact center and describe what every business can do to improve the customer experience.

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How to Boost Contact Center Services?

Experiment with ways to engage agents

The future of call centers depends on the number and quality of agents. Staff turnover is an unfavorable phenomenon for any business: a lot of time is spent on onboarding, or the work is quite complex and routine. That is why many companies are trying to work independently on the employees’ involvement in the process, using various techniques like linking a monthly bonus to the quality of processed interactions or gamification (e.g., the “best employee of the month” contest). 

Update software

The quality of communication and the speed of solving any problem of the end client lies in the efficacy of the software version. The more modern the software, the higher the productivity of agents. Therefore, many companies prefer to follow this call center trend and upgrade their monolithic systems, creating a convenient microservice environment for employees to work in.

Optimize self-service channels & automate workflow

Contact centers have obviously experienced increases in inbound traffic, and addressing technologies within call center automation trends can help overcome this challenge. Some consumers want to use digital tools in their customer experience, but they still require human interaction.

Embracing digital tools is correct for the right tasks and activities, e.g., quick, simple ones like checking account balances. But if the customers want to know how to refinance their mortgage, it might require additional expert consultation. Therefore, the mission is to both use technology and create more self-service channels for simple tasks to automate workflow by increasing spare time for more complex requests.

Implement new communication channels based on AI

There’s a variety of channels and methods of communication: voice agents, chatbots, and live chats. Businesses use AI-powered call center innovations to serve customers in the most human-like way. Many clients dislike this approach since it doesn’t represent the full extent of the company’s attention to each customer. However, AI-powered channels remain an interesting area for investment.

Move towards omnichannel

Multi-channel service is purposeful and promotional. Meanwhile, an omnichannel approach can provide customers with a quicker solution to their problems just within one interaction. Many eCommerce businesses are using omnichannel marketing to improve customer experience, reach new audiences, and boost client satisfaction, which leads to greater reputation and sales.

Engage a contact center service provider

Call center outsourcing services are becoming popular in the world of delegating. Managers see a significant profit in sending tasks to professionals. It helps save resources and time for solving higher-priority tasks they cannot entrust to others. Besides, a reliable provider will take care of agent training, data security, and quality of services.

Rising customer expectations

The call center industry trends conclude in personalizations, and customers expect companies to understand their behaviors and preferences. Many contact centers still struggle to see a complete view of the customer and how they can better support their agents to enable a more personalized client experience. 

Complexity is the enemy of flexibility. The contact center agility helps respond more naturally despite the plethora of technologies applied. In layman’s terms, customers expect to talk to a respectful friend who knows everything about the subject they are interested in.

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Call center trends exist to follow them and benefit from them. If you ignore them, you just do not go with the times and lose many opportunities to improve your contact center. The main point is to implement them correctly with your efforts or by hiring necessary services. People update their websites, upgrade chatbots, and use AI for data, so why fall behind?

There is no relevant and rational reason to resist innovations because clients and money do not disappear ⎼ they just move from one service to another. If you want to keep people engaged constantly, apply technologies, automate processes, and provide an enhanced customer experience. 

If you want to delegate this responsible task to an experienced team, go ahead and book a call to get a free detailed consultation.

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