Tips for Startupers: How to Choose the Right Outsourced Customer Support

Tips for Startupers: How to Choose the Right Outsourced Customer Support

Tips for Startupers: How to Choose the Right Outsourced Customer Support

A young company which is trying to develop into something big is a startup. It is handled by a handful of individuals and is quite small. Usually, it will be financed initially by the people who came up with the idea behind the startup. The startup business either sells products or services that are not offered by any other company in the market or else they sell products or services which is much superior in quality than their counterparts.

The startups don’t have too much money because their expense exceeds their revenues, and this is also because of the process of developing, testing and marketing the new ideas. Also, they run short of finances. They are financially helped by other sources such as government organizations or nonprofit organizations and also from loans by their friends or family members.

Tips for the startups

Cost handling is a challenge for startups. For the startup to become successful, you have to be very careful about useless expenses. The startup business operators are always looking to reduce the cost of their operation without sacrificing the quality of their product or service. Here are a few tips a startup business should follow.

1. Technology is a great gift and technology helps mainly in two ways, one is the accuracy and high productivity, and the other is lowering manpower. There is software available to support your startup business from accounting to payroll to even communications for marketing. So, using that software would not only make your business have error-free accounting, but also they will reduce the workforce you need making you reduce the number of people you have to hire for them, and also it saves a lot of your time.
51% of small businesses are reluctant to use new technology because it takes too long to implement and learn.

2. If the client asks for extra, charge on that extra. This is also called as a flat charge for each deliverable. Some clients try to get more and more things out of you while paying for much less, but that won’t help your business in the long run. Your earnings depend on what service or what goods you sell, so you know the price for it and your customer should too, now if he makes any extra proposals charge him on the extra because you have to pay your workers extra too if they work extra hours or on something extra.
42% of startups fail because they failed to meet a market need.

3. Try to select as many as home employers as you can, of course, if your startup supports that. That will save you from the extra cost of renting and also it will save your employers traveling time.
 62% of businesses in the US only have 5 (or fewer) employees.

4. Always remember to pay your invoices in time that will firstly save you from the late payment charges that the vendor might charge if you pay them late. Some vendors’ even give a little discount if paid before time.

5. Avoid wasting materials, empower your employees that they can also take on that. If an employee tries to talk to you, listen to them.

6. Outsource as much work as you can without compromising on the product and service quality or your core values. Customer support is usually the easiest and best thing to outsource.
56% of small business owners expect to grow revenue by improving their existing customer experience and retention. Wasp

Outsourcing customer support

Now, you can’t always depend on technology alone; some responsibilities are better to delegate to another business that knows how to do their part professionally. Things like advertising and marketing or customer relation, these things are better handled by a customer support professionals companies. They have the better reach, better training, and better insight on this. Moreover, if you build up a customer service yourself, the main problem will be training your own people to the level of customer care independent entities in the market.

Outsourcing customer support is a good idea because of a number of reasons

  •       It is cheaper as you don’t need to set up an office setting for the customer support team or pay them salaries and incentives.
    72% of small businesses say their main focus is increasing revenue. Business Insider
  •       It saves your time that you would have otherwise spent on training your customer service executives.
    31% of IT services have been outsourced in 2016 and will continue to be in the near future. Deloitte
  •       You will not have to deal with the day to day technicalities and queries that your customers might have about your products and services.
  •       You will have access to well-trained customer service executives with years of experience in dealing with customers.
    89% clients who outsource their work, are satisfied with the services that they have received.

Customer service makes a huge difference in business from brand reputation to customer loyalty to the revenue. If your customer service is not responsive or knowledgeable, then that will badly reflect on your business. Customers will be disappointed in your startup even if your products or services are unique and top quality.
You can opt for a service like to take care of the customer service part of your startup.

A startup business to be successful needs to put a chain on wasteful or unneeded expenses. Expenses can be cut with the help of technology, firing employees who do not work, wasting materials, paying the invoice in them etc. Also, the cost can be reduced, and you can get a better result by outsourcing the customer service. These days customers are more interested in text customer service then email, direct phone call or emails.


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