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If you are looking for the latest trends of the trade season in outsourcing, come and meet WOW24-7 in New Orleans at Collision “America’s fastest growing tech conference”.

Collision conference

We will be there on May 2-4 and we are ready to answer all your questions and to deliver WOW support experiences to your future customers.

We provide a wide range customer support solutions from outbound services to other client care options. We work using multiple channels to cater for all customer support needs:

  • A professional call center based on your company specifics (inbound and feedback calls, customer upselling);
  • Handling your e-mails and business correspondence;
  • Selecting chat options that suit your organization.

WOW24-7 brings there a new word in outsourcing!

Meet WOW24-7 at Collision

We’ll introduce you:

  • Scalable 24/7 support for startups
  • Cost-effective support solutions
  • Industry expertise
  • “WOW”-support strategies

Feel free to book an appointment with WOW24-7.

Just reach us directly:Maya Momotok
Maya Momotok
Project Lead
Tel. +380931631866
Email maya@wow24-7.io
Skype maiia.momotok


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