“The best technology conference on planet”. FORBES

“The best technology conference on planet”. FORBES


“The best technology conference on planet”. FORBES

If you are looking for the latest trends of the trade season in outsourcing, come and meet WOW24-7 in New Orleans at Collision “America’s fastest growing tech conference”.

Collision conference

We will be there on May 2-4 and we are ready to answer all your questions and to deliver WOW support experiences to your future customers.

We provide a wide range customer support solutions from outbound services to other client care options. We work using multiple channels to cater for all customer support needs:

  • A professional call center based on your company specifics (inbound and feedback calls, customer upselling);
  • Handling your e-mails and business correspondence;
  • Selecting chat options that suit your organization.

WOW24-7 brings there a new word in outsourcing!

Meet WOW24-7 at Collision

We’ll introduce you:

  • Scalable 24/7 support for startups
  • Cost-effective support solutions
  • Industry expertise
  • “WOW”-support strategies

Feel free to book an appointment with WOW24-7.

Just reach us directly:Maya Momotok
Maya Momotok
Project Lead
Tel. +380931631866
Email [email protected]
Skype maiia.momotok

"The best technology conference on planet". FORBES

Maya Momotok

Reviewed by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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