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Story of success: WOW24-7 and Freshdesk

The endless space for improvement with Freshdesk


Hello, we are WOW24-7 – stellar and European based customer support service

While being the team of experts in the sphere of customer support services we met and opened a lot of new technologies and hard-to-please clients. While being a novice or a veteran in your business you always strive to be on top of your industry. Today we are going to show you our cautious steps and experience in meeting customers expectations with help desk software systems.

We began with Kayako.

It must be said that Kayako made us a good start in understanding the purpose of using such platforms and the mechanism of cooperation with them. Help desk solutions on the modern market provide you with the solution of easy customer-cooperation. But after some time we understood that our customer-oriented approach demands more effective cloud-based software.

Any good company understands the importance of customer’s request and meeting his demands is far from easy task. As we are guided by future and constant satisfaction of our client, we launched a campaign of research and comparison between modern customer service platforms.

Our CTO – Andrew Fishman – discovered that leading platforms for providing customer service are Freshdesk and Zendesk


We didn’t want to choose without corroboration of effectiveness and benefit of these systems. So we started to use them both. In process of usage, we understood and revealed a lot of features and components and made the choice in favor of Freshdesk and made it basic in our business. But we attempt to take into account all wishes of our clients.

We made our decision on the base of multi-channel system and pricing, ticket management, communication solutions, self-service, and configuration

Freshdesk was founded in 2010 to “disrupt” the customer support industry. The most notable Freshdesk customers are Cisco, Honda, 3M and Sony Pictures. More and more companies strive to invest in Freshdesk. Such list gives us a brief glimpse of how can we flourish with this platform.


We like Freshdesk because it is multi-channel: it covers phone support, emails, social media, and live chat. We integrated our Slack,  Facebook page, and site with Freshdesk and made it easier and time-saving for our support agents to communicate with customers.

The support service of Freshdesk is available 24/7 so it is easy for us to cooperate with them and to resolve urgent questions.

The backbone of help desk support is ticket management

It seems to us, that Freshdesk’s ticketing system is far easier and comfortable in usage. It is built around a shared inbox that fields incoming requests and gives your agents the ability to see ticket status and who is working with them. The administrator can set custom SLA policies to make it possible to prioritize tickets and to enforce resolution windows. Another one useful feature in Freshdesk for WOW24-7 is the rewarding system which forces every agent to do his best in his work. It also provides a wide range of reporting features. Managers can compare agent performance against KPI goals, or see a list of top performers.

The thing which at least became determinant is pricing: in comparison with Zendesk, Freshdesk has a lower ticket price.

Moreover, this service provides you with free edition called “Sprout”. You can use it if you have a little team and do not want to waste all your budget only on help desk software. Freshdesk’s “Sprout” gives you the opportunity to use basic email, phone, and knowledge base features.


Freshdesk is full-featured, affordable, easy in usage and cost-effective for WOW24-7. We are fond of every system’s change because it gives more and more beneficial solutions.  Our clients are satisfied with this help desk software and many of them bought their own packages as it gives us and them the endless space to improve and develop customer support service every day!


Let’s discuss your business model to find the best solution​