Startup Founders Tell Us: How industry leaders experienced customer support outsourcing

Startup Founders Tell Us: How industry leaders experienced customer support outsourcing

Startup Founders Tell Us: How industry leaders experienced customer support outsourcing

Despite the whole bunch of reasons why mushrooming startups should go for outsourcing, some uncertainty is still emerging every time you start thinking of the third party involved. Thus, the best way to weigh the pros and cons of an outsourced customer support is to find out about the experience of others.

Next, let’s discover several examples of famous startup companies which have once decided to implement customer support outsourcing into their business.

Google’s outsourced customer support success

It’s hard to believe that Google had initially started its way to success with only 60 people employed. While growing into a giant empire, the company has faced some serious customer service issues. 

The salvation came in 2011, when Francoise Brougher, former Google senior executive launched an outsourcing customer support organization which processed calls and collected valuable data from more 60 countries, which ultimately led to significant improvements in customer care. As Brougher said, “People like to talk”. 

Nowadays, Google addresses numerous functions to outsource, so as such corporate behemoths as Apple, IBM, eBay, etc. 

Clearwire’s attempt to escape crisis

Clearwire is a great example of how outsourcing help dealing with financial crisis. The company was struggling with financial issues and searching for a way to reduce operating costs. As a result, telecommunication giant outsourced 700 employees providing customer care to TeleTech Holdings, which helped Clearwire to keep the power for a few more years, until in 2013 it was ultimately acquired by another broadband and mobile service provider, Sprint Corporation.

IBM BPO Services purchased by Synnex

Technological innovations continue to conquer the world and caused major transformations in customer experience. No wonder one of the world’s leaders took an advantage of it when created their famous worldwide IBM BPO organization, and in 2013 sold it to another software company for $505 million. 

As a result, Synnex (an acquiring company) got outsourced highly-skilled global customer care integrated with Concentrix, which has become an IBM strategic business partner. 

According to the recent insight by National Outsourcing Company, 23% of respondents outsource for improving customer experience and 17% go through a transition from IT development to IT as a service, which proves that outsourcing is not only about reducing expenses.

Wrapping up

Researches conducted by Deloitte  show that the number of omni-channel outsourcing centers continue to grow and has reached 51% by 2017. This fact proves, that in the world of on-demand economy outsourcing has become an integral part of today’s reality – it helps you increase customer satisfaction, it’s cost-effective, it uses AI and machine learning, etc. 

If you’re struggling with financial issues, it can be used as a good temporary decision, however, it doesn’t mean that all your problems will be solved. Plus, if you decided to outsource customer support, you need to find a contractor who strives for your success as fiercely as you do; otherwise, it’s a waste of both time and money.

Here, in WOW 24-7, we are constantly focused on self- improvement to deliver wow customer experience. We train our agents to stay committed and enthusiastic and encourage them to perform their duties with positive energy and passion. 

We offer the following solutions:

  • General and technical customer support
  • B2B calling
  • Presales
  • Telemarketing
  • SMM Content Moderation
  • Data Entry Servicing
  • And many other…

Having more than 12 years of successful customer care experience, we believe that customer-centric approach, passion for innovations and desire to support our clients goals make us a reliable partner.

Want to find out more about our services or values? Don’t hesitate! Feel free to ask questions and get qualified answers to all of them.

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