The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Support for SaaS Business
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Why should SaaS businesses choose outsourcing customer support?

If your business has to deal with customers, a contact center is essential for communication with them. However, finding and training dedicated agents to manage customer support takes time and effort. That is when an outsource contact center comes into your business strategy. 

It is cost-efficient and can take the responsibility of client management off your shoulders. This blog post describes what is SaaS customer support and the core reasons why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing contact center and benefit from it. 

Keep reading to find out how to implement SaaS customer support best practices.

7 reasons why SaaS provider should consider outsourcing customer support

1. The ability to focus on priority tasks 

Outsourced customer support saves a lot of time and takes client service responsibility off your shoulders. You can brainstorm business development methods and revenue-generating strategies while the outsourced customer support team handles all the raising issues. The managers still have to oversee the remote staff but the efforts do not compare with the in-house center commitment. If you need to concentrate on some priority tasks and maintain efficient communication, outsource SaaS support is the best option. 

2. Omnichannel support at a lower price

Outsourcing customer support provides a range of communication channels to interact with customers, such as live chat, voice call, social media, and technical help. The service price includes the omnichannel option, so it is much cheaper than managing every channel on your own. If the customers have various channels at hand while looking for assistance, their satisfaction increases. The outsourcing customer service team can provide clients with omnichannel support and efficient communication.

SaaS customer support best practices

3. Support Coverage 24/7

Round-the-clock customer support is a successful strategy for big and developing companies. However, you need a lot of resources to make the agents work extra hours or night shifts. Using outsourcing customer service, there is a simple solution to this issue as the center usually hires people from different time zones so the support is available 24/7 without exploiting agents’ working hours. Thus, if the company operates on an international scale, it is more effective to hire specific local professionals than to ask in-house agents to learn a new language. The bigger scale you cover, the more chances to meet your customer needs. 

4. Saving Resources

Managing a contact center can be quite expensive. The full resources list includes salary costs, infrastructure setting, and possible training expenses. It can be significantly reduced by using outsourcing. After doing extensive research and needs assessment, it is possible to get a partnership with a well-trained team that provides an extensive set of services for a moderate price. The difference between in-house and outsourcing customer support prices can be significant and, therefore, suspicious. However, since living costs vary across different countries, there is nothing to worry about. 

5. Removing the Staffing Responsibility

Managing a customer support team is an essential and highly responsible mission, as you have to create a multicultural environment to meet the needs of every customer while boosting the agents’ knowledge regularly. However, this job takes a lot of time and effort which can be spent on more urgent business tasks. Outsourcing a contact center takes the staffing burden off your shoulders, leaving the opportunity to make crucial decisions in the employment process. Thus, you still control the final staff outlook but don’t have to worry about scheduling interviews, managing training sessions, and trial tasks. 

SaaS customer support tips

6. Using technologically advanced software

Outsourcing contact center usually uses hardware and software of the new generation, performing detailed quality control, thorough customer profile checks, and collecting feedback. These features are essential for improving the work of the customer support team and creating the basis for additional training. The modern software also allows you to do background reports of agents’ performance to know all the details of their everyday work. 

7. Reducing customer churn

A happy customer equals a successful business. However, if customers’ requests are not managed properly, churn will become a real issue for SaaS companies. An outsourcing support system is a great feature for keeping track of key information and responding promptly to the questions. It can also measure the total number of customers, tickets, and other metrics, allowing to have a full picture of contact center work. 

Wrap up

Outsourcing contact center is the key to success of SaaS support best practices. Financial benefits, omnichannel opportunity, coverage 24/7, and technologically advanced software are among the main ones. An outsourced contact center is a great solution for SaaS companies that want to progress without spending significant sums of money on staff management. It is also suitable for businesses looking for ways to increase sales through faultless customer support from experienced agents. Thus, using outsourced contact center services, SaaS companies can focus on core business processes while the provider controls the customer support area. 

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