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Sore point of SaaS: successful customer support

WOW24-7 Technical Support Sore point of SaaS: successful customer support

Saas and customer support

The need for innovation keep founders and developers of SaaS on their toes.

According to The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), businesses increasingly value SaaS applications, but many enterprises are facing significant customer support challenges with their SaaS vendors, leading to low customer satisfaction and poor retention rates.
Providing your customer with a great software is not enough. Providing great customer support is the key to your growth and success.

Role of customer service department in your successful SaaS business

Improve your product

In other words, it is your direct helper in questions of customer satisfaction. You, as founder or developer, may have your own vision of the product and how your software will evolve in future versions. But does your humble opinion really matters needs and demands of your potential customer?
Customer support system is the basic tool to learn more information about your client and according to it, you will make your product relevant.

Reduce customer churn

Happy customer equals a successful business. However, if customers are not onboarded properly, churn will become a real issue for SaaS company. SaaS support system is a great solution for keeping track of key information that can be utilized to make sure issues are responded to in a certain time and are not ignored by customers. Customer support representatives are basic sales managers who measure total number of customers, tickets, and other metrics.

Generate leads

Customer support in SaaS company is not only about improving products. It can also help to generate new leads. How? In cooperation with support, your sales department gathers new, top, common questions of customers and build strong relationships by providing users with clear answers in limited time frame. Sale is all about making sure someone feels comfortable with their software choice, and a resource of information to quell the future concerns of prospective customers is a great asset to have. Likewise, if you offer a trial you can track issues by trial accounts to understand where and how to improve the trial experience.

Increase revenue

What leads to revenues? An awesome service or satisfied customers? While both product and customer service go together, failing to take care of the customers can leave you with an awesome service that no one is paying for.

It is well-known fact, that 82% of customers every year pass a company owing to improper customer support experience and stick to other services.

Customer support is important for SaaS service
SaaS support model providers can cooperate with you to produce revenue through your customer care operations. The professional provider will find the best solutions to improve metrics like average handle time, first call resolution, customer satisfaction, etc.

Competitive customer service gives you satisfactory responses and raises your business among competitors. To gain market share, revenue, and constant client’s data hand over your customer support for experts.

Good customer support improves company's revenue

Gain word-of-mouth marketing

If being focused on the innovations of the product, you should also become acquainted with the world of advertising which makes you “visible” and competitive. Expert customer service is the link between business and word-of-mouth marketing. Outsourced customer support becomes the best solution in such a case as it gives you an access to the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Softcube gained their popularity among their clients by outsourcing their customer support to WOW24-7.

Customer support has a leading role in successful SaaS companies. It provides you with customer retention and acquisition, increases sales and reduces customer churn. 

Correct customer support is the best opportunity to obtain long success for your company!


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