SaaS Customer Retention in a Crisis Situation

SaaS Customer Retention in a Crisis Situation

SaaS Customer Retention in a Crisis Situation

SaaS Customer Retention Tips on Overcoming a Crisis Period

The world is going through some uncertain and turbulent times. The latest events related to the COVID-19 pandemic have undermined the world economy, many businesses, and SaaS products in particular. In this article, you will get priceless tips on the retention of the customers to minimize the impact of crisis web that companies experience right now.

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Effective Customer Retention Tips on Overcoming SaaS Challenges During Crisis

In case of a crisis scenario, the main thing for a business is to take care of customer retention to maintain awareness and interest in the company’s services. Here are tips that will help an organization to achieve it.


Stay Active and Flexible


No matter what, a business has to stay on top of its business operational activities. Despite this challenging crisis period, there are still some business opportunities a team has to keep looking for.

There are ways to keep business floating, and great teamwork, coupled with top productivity, can help to survive this period successfully with minimum loss. Taking the initiative, collaborating closely with team members, and sharing ideas is essential to pass any challenges.


Importance of Cost-Effectiveness


A company has to allocate financial resources only for the most important things. In general, it will also be recommended not to cut expenses on main business assets. Instead, a business needs to optimize finances and opt for cheaper services and solutions if possible.

If some of the processes that require additional expenses can be put on hold, then it will be better to do it temporarily. Cost-effectiveness is integral for a company during the crisis, and if a team can save budget and minimize operational costs, it will have more chances to survive these hard times.

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Human Resources Reorganization


During such a challenging period, it is integral not to fire people but to teach them new skills and turn them into valuable assets that can be useful for a company in the future. It’s possible to reduce salaries instead of firing people, and this scenario can be the best choice for both a company and employees.

When the crisis ends, you will still have a team to work on business development, so it’s better to invest time and effort into teaching existing team members some new knowledge than spending budget on hiring and training new employees. Keep in mind that the last variant can appear way more expensive for a company.


Impeccable Customer Support


SaaS customer support is essential for users. It’s even more important than costs and sets of features. Great customer support can create a positive brand image and increase satisfaction rate.

It’s imperative to optimize customer support services. A company has to maintain the highest level of assistance during the crisis and allocate all resources to make it happen for clients.

Minimize the average response time, hire more customer support representatives, and make the assistance as fast and effective as possible. It is recommended to use social media platforms to get priceless customer feedback and improve services based on it.

Also, to provide better customer experience, a company can add a FAQ section that will give useful answers for the most commonly asked questions. In addition, integrating a live chat is a must to show that you are ready to help customers any second. By enhancing support practices and providing top-notch assistance, a team can build loyal, long-lasting customer relationships that will survive any crisis scenario.

It would be a smart decision to outsource a customer support team. Outsourcing becomes more and more popular, as it’s the most cost-effective solution a company can get. This way, a business can save costs on employee recruitment and training.

Usually, outsourcing support representatives costs less than keeping an in-house team, and, at the same time, outsourced employees possess all the experience and knowledge needed to provide the best customer assistance.


Diverse Marketing Activities


Marketing is something a company desperately needs during the crisis for SaaS customer retention. It’s of paramount importance not to lose connection with the audience. A company has to conduct effective and diverse marketing activities through different communication channels to engage with users.

Maintain communication with customers through social media and share useful content that can be relevant to them. Work with paid advertisements and enhance your SEO practices. It will be beneficial to maintain the interest around your business with giveaways, free features, and services, even if it will be temporary.

Economic crisis affects not just companies but clients as well, so offering them something valuable for free or for a reduced price can help you to build loyal relationships that will last even after the crisis ends.

Get Ready For the End of a Crisis


If your business is affected by the crisis situation, then it is important to channel all the time and effort into getting ready for the times when the crisis ends. It will end anyway, and your team has a chance to use this low season period as a way to improve all operational processes and brainstorm some new ideas that a company can implement in the future.

Focus on figuring out what aspects can be enhanced, what new features can be created. Let teamwork on something that will draw clients’ attention when the crisis is over. This way, you will be able to stand out among competitors and catch up on all the money and customers that a team has lost during this challenging period.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, by implementing these effective tips, it will be possible to get out of crisis web that businesses experience today smoothly and retain as many customers as possible to keep a company performing well. These tips will help businesses to stay afloat and even optimize some processes for future business endeavors. Most importantly, these recommendations will allow building long-lasting trustful relationships with customers that will

Maya Momotok

Written by Maya Momotok
CEO and cofounder of Wow24-7

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